Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Macy's First Party!

This past weekend, we had a house full of love. Everyone was here to celebrate Macy's First Birthday.

// Quick Disclaimer: I don't go all-out for birthday parties. I sometimes would like to be that family that always has huge, fun, creative parties. But the money! And the time! And the mess! Oh, the mess! We do FIRST (or Fourth-st if you're Carter) birthday's big, but after that we just do little family gatherings. //

Twenty-seven people who love our Macy-girl a whole lot came over to prove it.

What else can I really say? Our kids are loved. The rest is just extra.

{And really, how could anyone not love that face?}

Because being one is hard work, naps are necessary. This little one-year-old naps in the morning and the afternoon, so finding a party time was tricky. We decided to do a 'brunch' party and serve donuts and muffins!

Carter thought this was a good idea. As you can see, he fully supported our decision.

It was fun having so many little helpers around. Macy welcomed the help this year (because opening presents is hard work) but next year might be a different story :)

And if the helpers get in the way, the birthday girl can just climb over them.

I'm not as excited as I look - really. We make this face to Macy, and she copies us. It's pretty adorable.

All throughout the party, I kept thinking that a year ago, I didn't even know this joy-baby. I didn't know what she would look like, or what her personality would be.

Today, I know her intimately and love her deeply.

It's pretty wild.

When it was time for cake, of course Big Brother wanted to show Macy how it's done.

*The cake was from Macy's shower last year, and my grandma saved it!*

Not only does brother desire to teach, but sister desires to learn. See how she watches him? Carefully examining his moves and emotions. Carter is the best teacher, even when he doesn't realize it.

Of course, because the donuts weren't enough:

Despite the sugared-up morning, Carter was excellent. His shirt says 'Greatest Brother Ever' and on this busy day, he was a patient, loving, helpful big brother. It's hard being the only child for so long, and suddenly having to share the spotlight. Especially on birthdays - Carter's favorite! 

Jake and I talked before hand about our plan for helping Carter to be the best boy he could be. Guess what? We didn't need to do anything. Carter surprised us and just rocked it the whole morning.

Duh, guys. It's what Carter does.

Our morning of love for Macy ended with lots of this:

We had such a special day, and are so thankful for all our friends and family who came to celebrate Macy's first year! We love you all!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Love, love, love.

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  1. The picture of carter kissing Macy's nose is the sweetest! Happy belated first birthday Macey!


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