Friday, September 26, 2014

What's Missing?!

Did I tell you that Carter had two wiggly teeth?  He did.

Now he has one wiggly tooth because one was pulled out by an eager daddy last night.  It was definitely time - we've been watching that little thing wiggle and move all week.  He got off the bus yesterday and that tooth was practically twisted around backwards.

Carter didn't even cry.  He opened his mouth so big for his daddy, he said "Ahhhh - dentist!" and Jake just tipped it forward, and it popped right out.  

Or at least that's what Jake told me.  I didn't actually witness it.  I was on the other side of the house, with fingers in my ears, trying to think about anything but teeth.

Can I tell you something about teeth? I don't even know how to say this.  I have a thing about teeth.

I have dreams about losing all my teeth.  I clench my teeth at night, to the point of being in pain, and then dream about them falling out.

I can't stand looking at loose teeth.  I don't want to see them wiggle.  I don't want to touch them.  Just, deal with it yourself, kid.  {Thankfully, this kid happens to have a dad who can handle wiggly teeth.}

So he's down to one wiggly tooth, one little gap, and some molars poking through.  

Now here's a question for you.  Carter has ground his baby teeth down to basically the root.  I'm not even exaggerating.  He came to us this way, so don't blame us for it.  But now...what happens?  His adult teeth will come in, and they will be towering over his sorry-excuse for baby teeth.  And how will he chew? Won't his enormous adult teeth be in the way and mess up his bite?

I think for the next several years, I just won't ever look in his mouth.  Ever.

Omigosh.  I can't even.

So our little kindergartener went to bed a little older last night.  A little more mature.  And mommy and daddy felt our baby boy slip away just a tiny bit more.  Big boy, for sure.  

{Side note: the other day, Carter was running around outside and when he came in, I hugged him.  And I smelled something I've never smelled before.  His head.  It smelled like a dirty, sweaty little boy.  Oh my gosh.  He's a real boy.}

One Thing I Know For Sure: Did I mention - today is picture day :) I hope his big cheesy grin shows off his new little gap!

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  1. yes, it hurts a little at a time to see our loves turn into big kids but carter does look quite cute with that little gap. William reminds me daily, "mom, I a big kid!" oh I love that boy but he really doesn't have to remind me as often;)


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