Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Need to Worry!

I guess my last post set off some alarms.

"You were crying outside his room at 4am?! What is going ON?!"

I was crying outside his room because I was dang tired.  I'm pregnant, too.  Remember?  I was tired.  And probably a little fed up.  And what I really wanted to do was say something like "GO THE FREAK TO BED ALREADY!!!!!!!!!".

But I would never say that.  Out loud.  So I cried, instead.

This kindergarten transition has been a bit of a transition for all of us.  Carter went to school for 2.5 hours, 4 days per week, for the past two school years.  This summer, he had free reign of the house, his toys, and his yard.  He could play when he wanted to play, snack when he wanted to snack, play outside when he wanted to play outside.  Fail on my part, I know.  But I'm pregnant, remember?

{photos taken on our lazy Saturday morning}

Now, he's in school from 7:50a to 3:10p.  That, alone, is an incredible change for him.  He has a tight schedule, lots of non-preferred activities in the mix, and very little say in what his day looks like.

Wouldn't you freak out a bit, too?

His team of professionals are great.  I'm so pleased with how they're working with him.  They know this is rough for him, and they are trying to help him in all the ways they can.

At this point, it might be a while before Carter gets into his kindergarten groove.  And we're okay with that.  Do I want him to hurry up and figure things out?  Of course!  But I'm also trying to be patient with our little buddy who is going through so many changes.

Things at home have improved, greatly.  We had a beautiful weekend.  He was his best self.  It gives me hope that if he has turned a corner at home, he may be turning a corner at school in the near future.

The good news? Because there's always good news.
+Carter is excited to go to school in the morning and is no longer saying "Nooo school"
+Carter is sleeping better at night.  We are all very happy campers.
+He's been working so hard on his speech at home.  We push him, and he always impresses.  His latest big word? "Mmmelda-ssiiin".  Meldasin.  Get it?  Medicine.
+He's finally eating all his lunch at school, so I at least know he's not going through the afternoon with a growling tummy.
+When I get Carter off the van in the afternoon, he is so excited to see me.  Two years of Early Childhood, and he never seemed to give a darn.  He does, now.  "Mom!! Home!! MOM!!".

I can't take credit for this photo.
It was taken by a little kindergartener.  
So.  This is where we are.  Eleventh day of school, and we'll get there.  See?  No need to worry.  Things are good, and getting better every day.

One Thing I Know For Sure: It'll be okay!


  1. Glad to hear he is sleeping better and you too! It's funny - the crying outside his door at 4AM comment didn't even phase me. LOL Certainly don't blame you and perhaps I've been there too...Love ya!

  2. So glad to hear things are better. Once he's used to this new routine, it will all sort itself out. I loved that last picture. I was trying to figure out why you took it, was someone peeking around the corner? Was there something behind the counter? Great photo for a kindergartener!


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