Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Moved.

So, a few weeks ago, we moved.

Like how I just blurted that out, like it's totally no big deal?  

My last update about our situation went something like this: We sold our house!  In 12 days!  But the house we wanted is no longer for sale!  Crud!  But it's okay!  Because we're going to build!  And we found a lot we like!  So we'll live with Jake's parents in the meantime!  But we sold our house!  In 12 days!
Carter, ipading in an empty house
So to recap - we moved all of our stuff into this pod on August 28th.  We had some helpers, and it went super quick.  Until we realized that we might not fit all of our stuff into this little container (which is supposed to be big enough for a large 3 bedroom home. We do not own a large 3 bedroom home).  

"Wait - all of this junk is supposed to fit in THERE?!"
It just didn't seem possible.  Jake and I sort of wanted to just shove it in and be done - but thankfully, we had 2 engineer brains.  Jesse and Pat went to town, and fit every stinkin' thing in that pod.  The inside looked like a puzzle.  It fit perfectly, and every thing we had fit inside!

We were amazed that these guys all came out to help - after a busy day at work.  We are so blessed to have these people in our lives!

Two happy helpers :)
What they don't realize is that when we move all of our stuff out of the pod and into the new house, they are required to come undo the puzzle.  And guess what?  By then, there will be snow.

The only thing worse than moving?  Moving when there's snow on the ground.


So right now, I'm in the basement of Jake's parents house (by basement, I mean Uncle Ben's Bachelor Pad).  Carter is spread on the couch watching Mickey Mouse (a new favorite, heaven help me).  Jake is at work, along with MiMi and Ben, and Poppy is taking a nappy upstairs (Shh - don't tell him I published that on my blog!).  

Things are good.  It's different.  It's not our home.  But we're comfortable and happy.  Some days I count the minutes until our house is done, and other days I don't even think about it.

Then there are days where Jake and I have an argument.  In the basement of his parents house.  While his family is upstairs.

The only thing worse than having an argument?  Having one while your family is trying not to listen upstairs.

But we're blessed to be here.  It's good, I tell ya.


Now what?  Good question, friend.  I wish I had an answer.  I don't.  The lot we originally wanted is so flippin' out of the question.  Boo for small towns having crazy fees.  And for not even feeling bad about it.  (Our builder said that $15,000 for hookups was outrageous.  Forget about the extra $10,000 to put a sewer stub. Out. Rage. Ous. Boo.)

We're looking for lots, still.  We're looking for a house, still.  And just waiting.  But also rushing.  Rushing while we wait.  Or something.

This is our life.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Anyone have a nice lot in the Village of Winneconne?


  1. Hey, we could subdivide the front of our 5 acres! Intersted?? LOL

    Yes, if there is anyone that can pack a POD, it would be those 2. Scary how they think alike. Better not move while Pat's in UA though. Jesse will be on his own!

  2. Ugh, moving in the snow is not fun at all! Here's hopin' you find that perfect lot soon and the house goes up faster than you can imagine!


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