Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Situation.

Lots of people have asked, since this post, what our living situation is.  Well here we go.

{Warning - wordy post ahead}

On August 30th, we will walk out of this little house and never look back.  I've had a love-hate relationship with this house of ours.  It's small.  But we love it.  It needs another bedroom (or 3).  But we love it.  It's in the wrong city.  But we love it.  Now that I know that we're leaving, of course my heart is aching and rejoicing all at the same time.

We have searched for a house in our new town.  It's not that there aren't any for sale, it's that there aren't any for sale that we really like.  They all have something major (for us at least) that we just don't like.  One of them has a backyard along a highway.  One has a wonky basement, unable to be finished in a way that makes sense.  One has a backyard full of boulders and huge rocks.  That's not an exaggeration.  A few of them are too far out of town for us.

And the one that we really want has a old lady occupying it who just doesn't want to leave.  It's probably big enough for all of us (ha) - but it is what it is.

So.  Where does that leave us.  Good question.  Right now, our plan is to buy a lot and build a little Gibson homestead.  This really isn't our first choice, and if the right house came on the market before we purchased a lot, we'd jump at it.  So far, this hasn't happened.  Boo.

If you do the math, we will close on August 30th but won't have a house until November or so.  Bill Cosby once said that humans are the only species to allow their children to return home. Thank the Lord.

August 30th, we'll sign those papers and park ourselves at Jake's parents house.  Six little Gibsons under one roof.  For 3 months.  I think we'll be fine - we all get along well - and the other day Jake's dad signed his email 'Poppy Roomate', so I think that's a good sign.  I might have yelled 'SHUT UP!!' to Ben the other night when he was singing way-too-loud while I was trying to have a conversation.  But when I really think about what the next 3 months could look like, I wonder if we'll be sad & lonely when we leave them.  I think it could be fun.  Like a three month long sleepover.  Or something.

That's the plan.  Right this minute, I'm feeling overwhelmed.  And I'm wondering who is going to do all this packing, because I don't think I can.  And I'm pretty much over all of it.  I'm just ready to be done.

Eating ice cream in the dark (because the lamps are packed)
with a plastic fork (because the spoons are packed)
out of the container (because bowls are packed).
Time to move.
Thankfully, my awesome mom is taking Carter off my hands one day each week, and my awesome Rachel is coming as often as she can :)  It will get done, I know. Because I don't really have a choice.  Although, don't think that leaving a mountain of crap in the living room when we leave hasn't crossed my mind.  It has.  But I think the new Jake & Ashley would notice.

{Speaking of the new Jake & Ashley - did you know the buyers are named Jake & Ashley?  For reals.}


Funny story.  Jake and I were moving some furniture from our roof down to the driveway with a rope. {Is that funny to you? It's just normal to us.} A truck drove by slowly, and I said something like "Ha - we look ridiculous!  What if that's the new owners!".  Jake said "Smile and wave.  Look normal.  It's them!!".

Oh em gee.

The best part - he stopped to introduce himself (which was great, because we could explain that we're not as ridiculous as we seem).  Guys - he is just the nicest.  And the best part - they are SO excited to live in our little house.  The new Jake & Ashley love it, just like the old Jake & Ashley do.  He told us that when they saw our wedding keepsake frame - and our invitation (which had our names) they knew.  They agreed this was it, and they weren't going to mess around - which is why they made a full price offer.

And I just sit back in my chair, with goosebumps on my arms, and say "Lord - you are hilarious! Your sense of humor rocks! And you knew all along! And why did we doubt you? And you're so good to us! And how could we not trust you?".


My husband preached for his dad this past Sunday.  Long story short - Poppy has a monster kidney stone, and asked Jake to fill in for him.  Jake did, and he shared about our story during his sermon.  Because I've been packing all, and my body is running on fumes, I'll just throw this at you:

In a nutshell, this is our 2013 motto.  It would be easy to turn this into an ordeal, with lots of complaining and stomping of feet.  But let's make it an adventure.  A wild adventure - you and me, babe.  If it's not crazy, it's not us.


In 2 days we'll leave for our annual Gibson Getaway in Saint Germain, and 5 days after that we'll walk out the front door of our little green house, thank God for how He's moved, and we'll walk in to the next chapter.

That's eight sleeps left in our home.  Aching/rejoicing.  Love/hate.

Here we go!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Ordeal or Adventure - you choose!

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  1. Have a great vacation!!! Great quote about "Attitude". So true, so true. Love the ice cream w/ a fork! :-)


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