Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gibson Getaway 2013

Gibson Getaway 2013, in pictures :) Because sometimes those speak louder.

Who is this big, grown, handsome boy?

Okay.  So I didn't get very far without words.  This needs some explaining!  This is an island in the middle of the lake (which is where most islands would be found).  We park our little pontoon boat, lounge around, drink Coke, and watch Carter push his little red boat like a boss.

Daddy bought this for Carter - he loves it!! 

We sipped on fresh strawberry lemonades and ate blueberries like candy at the flea market.

"Go, go, go!".  That's Carter-speak for 'Take me on the boat.  Now.'.

We had a little storm, and the power went out.  Luckily it was an 'out to eat' night :)

I included this photo to show you that Carter is 110% BOY.  This was his activity of choice (when we weren't at the island).  He plopped his tush in this murky, muddy, weedy, snail-ridden 'beach' in front of our house, and stayed there as long as we let him.

I could barf.

He even preferred his ice cream in the sludge.

We kiss.  A lot.  

I had to include this side-by-side from last year - look how tiny Carter looks last year (on the left)!  He doesn't like being on shoulders - which explains the grumpzilla face.  But his arms are longer, legs are longer (and chubbier...ahem...), and shoulders are broader.  His shirt even fits better (same size as last year!).  Little boy is growing up.

Ben is pretty cute, too :)

That was the Gibson Getaway in photos (and words....).  

Exciting stuff on the horizon - moving today.  TODAY.  Oh my gunness.  Carter starts school...sometime next week.  I'm not sure what day.  We're moving, okay?!  Cut me some slack.  I've got time to check the school calendar.  

{Side Note: In the middle of moving last night, I had to pick Carter up from my mom's house, take him to his open house (which is an absolute ZOOOOOO), and then take him back to my mom's so I could go back to moving stuff.  This is our life.}

{Side Note #2: Carter had tubes put in his ears on Monday.  He did great.  Such a little trooper.  He did not shed one single tear (which is semi-miraculous).  When they wheeled him back in his little bed, he said 'Choo, choooooo!' like he's done this surgery thing a million times.}

One Thing I Know For Sure: 353 days until Gibson Getaway 2014....wonder what our lives will be like then!


  1. What a good-looking group!! Love the pics of Carter, but my favorite is his Mom in the "sludge". What a great Mom you are and what a lucky little boy he is!

  2. Loved the pictures! Especially the go, go, go face! What a character! Hope the move went well and you're all getting settled.


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