Monday, July 01, 2013

Little Boy

There was a day (many, actually) that I wondered when Carter would really start to 'get it'.  I don't even really know what that means - but to me, it looked like a little boy acting like a little boy.

At 19 months home, I can just now say that it looks like Carter is starting to 'get it'.  I realized it as I was on bath duty the other night.  He had the empty bubble bath bottle, and he was pushing that little thing around like a boat.

This is a big deal.  Some of you know this.

Also a big deal?

"shuuuuurrrrrrrr, shurrrrr, sshhhuuuuurrrrrrrrrr...."

In unison.  Playing boat.  Making boat noises.  That looks a whole lot like a little boy to me.

It took us 18 months to teach Carter how to play like this.  And some days, I really thought he might never catch on.

Saturday night I told him that tomorrow we're going to church, and then after that, Daddy & Uncle Ben are taking us on the boat. He looked right at me - a smile came across his little face - and he said "Church, row-row-row (like the song/boat)!!!!!".

I told him once, and he understood.  And could verbalize it back to me.

This is a big deal.

Carter is understanding so many things.  He also understands the concepts of time-out, stay here, stop/turn around (when we're walking or outside)....these are all areas in which I seriously underestimated his level of comprehension.

Also?  This.

This is a big deal.
This is a BIG deal.

Just a few weeks ago, I mentioned to a friend that I just didn't know what I was going to do.  I told her that Carter would not walk alongside the cart.  I have tried it.  Many times.  He would dart here & there, with no concept of 'stay by mama'.

I explained that dude is getting big, and I won't be able to lift his meaty little body into the cart forever.  She encouraged me to try it again.  So we did.  And then this.

I wanted to hug every single person as we walked through that store.  I wanted to tell them how proud we were - how huge this was.  How I doubted him, again.

But I didn't.  I just let my eyes fill up with tears (because - really - this is a big deal).

He can do so much.  He understands so much.  So much more than we know.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Don't doubt this guy.  He CAN.  He WILL.  Just give the dude a chance, Mama.


  1. I remember so well the first time Sarah, with her new glasses (so she could actually see - hmmm, what a concept) said, "Mama, Cow!" after months of driving by them, and saying, "Sarah, look at the cows." I burst into tears, had to pull off to the side of the road, opened her car door, hugged her and said, "Yeah, Sarah! Yes, it's a cow!" It IS a big deal, Ash....and I get it! Great news! <3

  2. Oh, my friend. I SO get this. These things are SO HUGE...wowwowwow. I am bursting for you!
    You have given me renewed hope to continue watching for the true 'getting it' in our own lives. Yeah, CARTER!! So awesome :)

  3. big deal in deed. william still runs off in the store and forget stuffing his 7 year old booty in the front of the cart b/c its not fittin'....the back? well then he climbs out (oh my!)
    so happy for you and carter. makes life just a little easier:)


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