Monday, December 26, 2011

An Article & A Blog :)

Hope your Christmas was fantastic - ours was, for sure.  Full.  But fantastic.  I'll post a catch-up post in a day or two.  Until then - I have a few really great reads for you :)

Remember the article I wrote for the (very small) local newspaper?  Well - my grandma suggested that I submit it to the (much larger) local newspaper.  I did, and they decided to do a full length story about Carter.

It was in the paper on Christmas day....but you can read it HERE :)


Do you remember these posts?  I feel like I've linked to them here a hundred times.  But please, read them if you haven't yet.  Every single time I do, they make me cry like a baby.  Because it reminds me that God had a plan for our little boy.  A plan to bring him home where he belongs.

Well, this same sweet friend, Carin, has done another blog post about Carter.  Read it here.  Nothing could have done this mama's heart more good than to see those two ornaments hanging on their tree, side by side.

Full circle, people.  Full circle.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Welcome home, little boy.


  1. I am so excited for you!! What a wonderful article :) Love all the pictures of Carter :) and you too of course :P
    (adopting Sydney and Lucien)

  2. Love those ornaments on the tree, all together-gives me goosebumps. You're right-full circle! How beautiful!

  3. Ash, the article in the paper was so great! My brother saw it first and showed it to us all! I am so thankful that they put the story of your new family in the paper! I am sure it blessed so many!! It blessed us!


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