Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Thanksgiving!

Hoping your Thanksgiving was perfect.  Carter had a great first Thanksgiving.  He went to two different houses, with two different families...and he did super.  At each place, he was a little skeptical at first - but he warmed up quickly and had so much fun meeting all those new people!

First Stop - Jake's Parents' House....

Carter's Great Grandpa Joe.  Despite what you may think - he is NOT saying 'pull my finger!'  :)

Carter's Aunt Carol and cousins Nick & Chloe
Carter & Poppy
Second Stop - Ashley's Grandparents' House....

Carter got toys!  A super adorable shape/counting cookie jar!  He LOVES it.
He enjoyed Katelyn & Josie's electronics :)

It really was a perfect day.  And we were reminded how very much we have to be thankful for.

But it won't stop on Thanksgiving day.  It can't.  Keep the thankfulness flowing....!


Carter went on his first Target outing on Saturday.  He did so great - he just sat in the cart and took in all of his surroundings.  And I love that I now can talk to myself while weaving through the aisles without feeling like a lunatic.  If anyone looks at me funny...I'll just motion that there's a kid in my cart.

So there.


He also went to his first church service on Sunday.  He was at the Thanksgiving Eve service, too - but that's not quite the same as church :)

This kid blew us away during church...he was SO good.  He hardly made a peep.  Except for the occasional 'da da da DA!' and 'laaa la laaaaa la' :)  We made sure we had cheerios on hand, and a few toys....and that's about all it took to keep him quiet!  Unlike many churches, we do not have a nursery - we're in the process of building a new church.  So it's important that he (sort of) learns to be quiet during church.  And by the time he has it down pat, we'll be in the new building - which will have a nice mothers room!  Would it be wrong for me to say he needs a diaper change, just so I can escape to the mothers room, where there will be cozy rocking chairs?!  Hmm...

We were on for the first advent reading - which was this week.  It's a nice tradition that our church has, and it was a treat do to the first reading.  About 30 seconds before we were about to go up front to do the reading...we smelled something.  Yep - perfect timing, Carter.  We decided to risk it and wait until after the reading.  It turned out okay - and Carter did good on his debut in front of our church family.

Oh, and the reading?  It was about waiting.  Waiting for something that we want right now.  Fitting, no?  That's what happens when our Pastor also happens to be Jake's Dad.  :)

One Thing I Know For Sure: Thanking God for so many things today, and everyday!


  1. What a great first Thanksgiving! I have to say, I love Carter's new 'do too... such a handsome little guy!!

  2. I love that little bug! So glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble!

    Kim at

  3. LOL about the "smell" right before the reading. I'm sure no one (except maybe in the first row) had any idea. I sure didn't! :-)

  4. Just so fun seeing him at home.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  5. I'm always so sad when your posts come to an end:) I want them to go on and on. I could look at pictures of Carter and laugh at your craziness all day! The talking to yourself in Target thinf is hysterical. I totally do that!

  6. What a great little boy!! So glad he enjoyed his very first Thanksgiving!! :-)

  7. Ashley! I'm so happy for all of you. What a wonderful transition to family life for Carter :) He sounds like he's adjusting beautifully! He reminds me SO MUCH of Micah! Just blonde and blue eyed... they look so much alike to me. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Congratulations you guys! I haven't checked in for a couple weeks and was so happy to see that Carter is finally home where he belongs...made my day:) So incredibly happy for you all! I get to take him off my sidebar now, that's such a great feeling:)

  9. Oh I love the picture of you doing the advent reading..our family is doing that next week...a little nervous trying to get 3 kids to stand still and not knock over any candles! Sounds like Carter did well, and I LOVE the did he do with that? I'm a bit nervous about cutting Blakes.


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