Monday, October 03, 2011

We're Here!

We made it safely to our apartment, without any problems.  All of our flights were perfect, and we found our driver, Niko, as soon as we got our luggage.  He helped us exchange some money, and then took us grocery shopping.  He showed us around the city - go here, don't go here.  And then he took us to our apartment.  It's nice - it's clean and we feel safe.  We're on the fifth floor, which requires that we take the elevator from 1911.  He says it's safe, so I won't stress about it :)

Sometime after our SDA appointment (October 6th or 7th), Niko says we'll move to a different apartment - one that's closer to the places we'll frequent in the city.

We met a super sweet couple in the airport - they're from Oklahoma, and they are also here to adopt thru a blind referral.  Maybe we'll have a chance to meet up with them tomorrow.  It's a free day for us and we plan to get acquainted with the city.

We are definitely feeling the culture shock.  I'm sure it's exaggerated because of how tired we are, but now we have a glimpse of how Carter will feel when he comes home.  Everything is so different - and we're sure it will take us some time to adjust, which is a great reminder of how long it might take Carter to adjust.

Since we've been at the apartment, we took a short nap, hoping that would help us hold off on bedtime until 10p or so.  I showered off the travel slime - and in the next hour or so we'll pop in a movie and call it a night.

I wanted to show you some pictures of our apartment - but I shot them in RAW instead of JPEG, and so I can't upload them.  I'll try to take some more tomorrow :)

Thanks for your continued prayers!!  We're excited to see what tomorrow brings!

One Thing I Know For Sure: We're not in Kansas anymore...!


  1. Ok so 3-4 more days till you think if you tell them that I can't handle the wait any longer and want to see pictures of you guys holding that boy they will bump that up to say....maybe tomorrow or better yet just head on over right now....I didn't think so :( I can not imagine the excitement you have right now waiting!!! So happy you made it there safe and with no problems and that you have a nice place to stay. {{{{HUGS}}}} Enjoy and see everything you can.

  2. So glad you made it there safely!! Can't wait for pictures of little buddy! :)

  3. Praise God you are there safe and sound!!!

    Have I told you how jealous I am that you don't have to get on an overnight train in a couple days?!?! LOL

  4. So glad y'all are there safe n' sound! I can identify with your culture shock- and the fear of using an elevator from the early 1900's ;D Enjoy your international expedition! ;)

  5. so happy for you! we prayed for Carter (Antonio!) for many months- SO happy he is going to be rescued!!

  6. Enjoy yourselves!! The first couple days are the most overwhelming, definitely!

    Get out & explore! We took pictures of landmarks along the way, so we could find our way back to our apartment :)

  7. Yay. So glad you arrived safely.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)


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