Thursday, October 06, 2011

Our New Favorite Game...

"What Will Make Ashley Cry Next?!"

Yep.  I've been an emotional wreck.  Not because I'm sad, or even because I'm homesick.  But just because this adventure is incredible.  It's filled with ups and downs, and you never know which way you're going next.

Today, it was the oatmeal we ate for lunch.  Yes - oatmeal made me cry.  Because it was from home.

So I cried.  Jake laughed.  He did his crazy dance to cheer me up, and we went on with our day.

That's just what we do here.  Just go on with our day.  It's okay to stop and have a minor mental breakdown - but then you move on.

Niko called a few minutes ago - as I knew he would, and told us to be ready to move in an hour.  I knew - knew - KNEW that would happen.

So then ask me why we weren't packed :)

We're finishing up our packing now, and soon we'll be headed off to get our referral from the SDA.  Niko says that tomorrow around 10:00a we'll meet Carter at the orphanage.  That's 2:00a back home.

We also have a few questions to ask our facilitator - please pray with us that the Lord would give us perfect clarity.  It's nothing to worry about - just a few things we need to figure out.

That's our day, in a nutshell.  I'll try to blog photos tonight of our new apartment!!

One Thing I Know For Sure: I hope the new place is as nice and as clean as this one!!

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