Thursday, October 06, 2011

Go With the Flow...

Well - we've learned already that when you're here (or in any foreign country, for that matter) you've just got to be flexible.

We didn't move today.  Kind of a bummer.  We packed everything up when Niko called - shoved everything into suitcases, put away our toiletries, packed up our groceries - and just as we were about to head out the door to Niko's car, he called us.

"oh guys...I'm so very sorry.  Your apartment is not ready - a water pipe broke.  Maybe tomorrow."

Bummer. But really - Niko was so, so nice about it.  He was very apologetic, even though he had nothing to do with it.

Let me say - we like Niko.  No - we LOVE Niko!  He's great.

So, tomorrow we move.


After Niko picked us up - we went to the SDA to get our referral.  Again - total piece of cake.  We just sat there - showed our passports, signed our names, and that was it.


I mean, Thank You :)

And in return - we got our translated dossier back, with the referral on top.

It was a little crazy, holding that dossier again.  It feels like we sent it so long ago.  It was such a huge part of our lives.  And now it's back in our hands.

Okay, so maybe I'm being overly sentimental :)


Tomorrow we meet Carter.  Niko will pick us up at 9:00a, and we have an appointment at the orphanage at 10:00a.

That, to me - is amazing.  Totally incredible.  All of this emotion - all of this struggle - all of this fighting within myself, all for this little guy.

Can't wait to post photos tomorrow.


We've Skyped today (with Jake's parents & brother, and my Uncle Greggy) for the first time since being here.  I cannot tell you how good it was for us.  I thought for sure that it would make my homesickness worse.  But it totally, absolutely helped.

If you're coming behind us - remember this.  Do NOT be afraid to Skype.  It will make things so much better.

And can I just say, I loved seeing our sweet Moses' floppy lips on our computer today.  We said "treat?" and he cocked his head the best he could, just for us.


Thanks for bearing with me through this rambling post :)  When I have a few minutes, I try to get out what I can :)

Tonight we'll go out with Bryan and Alecia again, as they leave in the morning for their region.  Not sure when we'll see them again - but we'll continue to pray for their journey.

God is good!

One Thing I Know For Sure: I'm cravin' me some TGI Friday's!  Tonight just might be a mozzarella cheese stick night...!  It's the little things :)


  1. I have so thoroughly enjoyed checking in and reading your posts. You write so well, so authentic, real, funny.... your stories, pictures, emotions, living conditions, all of it totally and completely brings back so many of my memories. It may be 2 totally different countries, but there are way more similarities then differences in the experience itself. So I am like majorly reliving my time in Guatemala!!! Thanks for sharing everything! It's wonderful beyond words. I'll continue to pray that all goes well. Meeting Carter tomorrow.... OMG! It will feel surreal.

  2. Ah, love reading the European adventures of Jake and Ashley. And you're right- Niko rocks.

    SO happy for y'all- tomorrow's gonna be AMAZING! So continually excited for y'all- God Bless!


  3. So excited for you! Good luck tomorrow - I cannot wait to see pictures of that sweet boy.



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