Monday, August 22, 2011


Fundraising is tough.

So, so tough.

You can't possibly understand it unless you've done it.

And we have.

We were SO blessed by our church family, and our benefit raised over $21,000.

Sadly - it just doesn't always happen like that.  In fact, it almost never happens like that.

This family has about $3,800 left to go, and they will be traveling in weeks.

WEEKS to raise almost $4,000.

They're not just asking for - it's way more exciting than that!!

They are offering some fantastic gifts!

Please - go to their blog, donate, and comment on the gifts that you'd like an option at!

I'm going for that adorable camel fossil bag.  It will be perfect to use as my carry-on and purse in Carter's country!

It's totally mine!

Okay, maybe not.  But it could be!

You say you don't know this family?  You've never met them?


Trust me, they don't mind :)

Go - Give - Share - ACT, church!  Act!!

If you can't give - pray.  Pray that the funds come in.  I know they will!  It's all for this sweetie - waiting for his momma & poppa to come and kiss him up!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Go look at those awesome gifts!  But don't put in options for the fossil purse :)  Because it's MINE!!!

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  1. Ashley.....thank you so much for advocating for us. You know just how blessed we are to have people like you, other families walking this mile with us, and willing to hold us up along the way.


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