Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What a Family :)

Today, some dear, sweet, amazing friends of ours are heading to Eastern Europe.....

No - they won't see Carter....but they ARE going to meet their little boy, Jonathan.  Jonathan, like his big brother Elijah (also adopted from Eastern Europe), has Down syndrome. 

Elijah is only 3 - but I can't even tell you the impact he has had on us.  Unbelievable.

The Birschbachs went to Eastern Europe to get Elijah in December of 2010.  We had only known them 8 months or so.  They had just started coming to our church.  Instantly, we were drawn to their family.  They just seemed so unified...so 'together'...and so normal.  When they first started coming, we didn't know anything about their upcoming adoption, but there just seemed to be something different about them.  Something special.  I'm sure Jill would tell you 'yea - we're different alright!' - but this family really is amazing.  Their oldest Sarah, has several blogs - all with the intent to raise funds for orphans.  What middle schooler do you know that devotes most (all?!) of her time crocheting for orphans?  The next Birschbach, Anna, is a total gem.  She has donated money to Carter's fund, and it so blesses us that she finds joy in helping others.  The oldest boy, Isaac, is a hoot.  He is all boy - 100%...BUT - he also LOVES to crochet (and help orphans, like the rest of his siblings!), and can usually be found at church with a huge ball of yarn in his pocket, crocheting away :)  Next comes Rebekah - what can I even say about her?!  She is the most expressive, sweet, huggable 4 year old that I've ever met (and that's saying alot, since I've worked with preschoolers for 7 years!).  Every single Sunday, she greets us with the biggest, best hug - and even a kiss on the cheek.  Elijah is next - what a guy.  He really is amazing.  The things he's learning each day, the way he loves others....incredible.  Then there's sweet little Rachel.  She is just a little dolly - a year old, and such a honey.  And soon - VERY soon, there will be Jonathan.  If he only knew all the love he's about to be surrounded with. 

But - back to Elijah.  Remember how I said he's impacted us?  Well, back in December when the Birschbach family traveled to Eastern Europe to bring him home, we were 'moved'.  However, being 'moved' by their act of love was not really 'moving' us into action.  It was a 'nice thing' they were doing.  And they were such 'good people' for doing this.  Being 'moved' in our emotions was about the extent of it for us. 

Until we met Elijah. 

Then everything changed.  When we saw him for the first time, we realized he was a boy, not a photograph,  not a 'cause'.  A real person.  A growing, moving, learning CHILD - well, that really moved us.  Right into action. 

Meeting Elijah opened up a conversation between Jake and I.  He made something 'real nice' become something incredible - beautiful - amazing - and for us, necessary

With the risk of sounding dramatic, I guess you could say that sweet Elijah has changed our lives.  And we are so, so glad.   

We often wonder how different our lives would be right now if Pat & Jill Birschbach had not stepped out in obedience.  Or, if they never made the switch to our church.  Things would be very different, I suspect.  Isn't God amazing? 

I'm totally overwhelmed by how good He really is. 

One Thing I Know For Sure:  As Rebekah Birschbach always says "I hope Cawtow and Ewijah awe best fwiends...."  :)

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  1. Ditto x a million for EVERYTHING you wrote here. What a family indeed!!....Thanks for sharing your heart..and echoing what I feel deep within my soul as well! What a journey the Lord has on!! Not only are the Birschbach's my heros but so are you and Jake. I am so stinkin proud of you both!!! Mama Gibson


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