Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Okay, then.....

You know that super cute, super fun fundraiser that I had planned for all of my happy blogging friends?! 

Well - it's cancelled.  That's right. 
Forget about it!

Apparently, Etsy shops are not supposed to give donations....
...funny, though, that I had lots of ladies willing excited to donate....

So of course, somebody (I do know who this 'somebody' is...) complained to Etsy,
and my account got deactivated.

Geesh...couldn't this person just have sent me an email informing me that she didn't care to donate?! 


BUT - I am so grateful that all of THESE shops were willing to donate...so, please, check out their shops - and give them the business that you would have donated to our fundraiser :) 
Yea, it's okay....

Hate ironing?  Me too. 
BUT...this adorable ironing board cover will make your ironing time MUCH less dreadful :) 

SO many to choose from...here are a few of my favorites:

**Thank you to Compelled to Craft for donating**


Spring is here, and my home-decorating obsessions thoughts have turned to anything 'nest'. 
And this family nest is at the top of my list!

**Thank you to Dear Jes for donating**


I know two grandma's-to-be who would love to have this super cute tshirt! 

**Thank you to Zoey's Attic for donating**


I fell in love with this necklace the moment I saw it...so special & unique!
If you are chosen for this prize, you will get to choose the following:

**Thank you to Silver By Keri for donating**


I'm sure you never feel stress, tension, or any form of anxiety.... 
But I do. 
So I thought that this neck/shoulder wrap & eye pillow would be a super steal
(you know...in case the day comes when you might feel stress...).

Here are some of my favorites:

**Thank you to Little Peeps for donating**


Do you look like 'June Cleaver' when you're working in the kitchen? 
Me either.
But this adorable apron will definately make you feel like the cutest mommy on the block!

Here are some of my favorites:

**Thank you to Pig & Company for donating**


I LOVE scrapbooking - but I just do not have the time right now.
I'm sure you can relate :)
Wouldn't you love to have someone do all the 'tough stuff' and then just plop in your photos?
Well - here's the (super adorable) solution!!

**Thank you to Heirlooms by Lorraine for donating**


And also, check out these shops - these ladies stepped in @ the last minute, willing to donate items :)





Now - shop away :) 
If you still feel like donating to Carter's fund - go for it!
We won't stop you :)
And...it's tax deductable!

One Thing I Know For Sure: I feel like sending some angry emails...but I won't :)


  1. That is horrible that someone would go out of their way to prevent such a wonderful event! Some people are just "mean"

  2. Oh bummer! How disappointing! Something bigger and better will come your way! :)

  3. Some people are so petty, it's just pathetic!
    I hope something else comes your way soon

  4. Sweetie, as one door closes, another will open. There are people in our lives that make life so difficult sometimes and we don't understand where that comes from because we could never think of hurting someone in any way. Hang in there, there are many disappointments in life (as you well know), but there are also so many great joys and God will take care of all 3 of you in his own special way. I love you and I feel so bad that someone has hurt you this way. You have so many praying for you and you know that in the end victory will prevail. Love, NaNa

  5. I just recently started reading your blog. Your little guy is just adorable.

    Wouldn't it be possible to do the fundraiser through your blog and the participants without going through etsy? It just seems if you stay off the etsy channel and just do it through the blog, it could be done! Maybe I'm missing something here, but I've seen lots of fundraisers done through peoples' blogs.

    Blessings! I love reading your progress!


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