Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Hey Baby..."

We all have special people in our lives.  Jake and I are so blessed to say we have TONS of special people in our lives.  Tons.  I'd like to tell you about one of them.

Anita.  You know that sweet woman at the store or in your neighborhood that always greets you with a "hey, baby...!".  That's Anita.  She has been pouring love into us since the day we met.  She's always in our corner.  Always for us.  Being that we're 'Pastors Kids' - this is so important (no - not everyone loves the 'Pastors Kids')!

Friendship knows no age.  I'm telling you.  I've learned this over and over....and I'm proud to say that we have so many friends that are twice our age.  Three times our age, even!  I won't tell you the age difference between Anita and I.  She'd probably smack me. 

So this woman is a friend, a prayer warrior, an encourager, a great hugger, and let me tell you this....she is a hoot.  Hilarious.  And she laughs like nobody else.  Totally infectious. 

Since the day Jake & I got back from our honeymoon, people have asked us "So...when's the baby coming?!".  It's sort of been the running joke of our friends at church.  The running joke that we love to laugh about.  Everyone has anxiously awaited our 'baby announcement' at church. 

Especially Anita. 

So when we made our 'adoption announcement'...a part of me felt like I was letting some people down.

Especially Anita.

I know - it sounds crazy.  I knew she would be excited...but the running joke of 'are you pregnant yet?!' would be over.  And this adoption was so not a part of our plans.  It just 'happend'.  Well - God just made it happen...

Anyhow - back to Anita.  After church, I (cautiously!) approached her. 

"So...what do you think...?"


"I am SO excited!  This is even BETTER than a baby!!!"


See?  Always in our corner.  Always for us.

Yep, that's Anita. 

One Thing I Know For SureBe courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. (Ok, so this is acutally 'One Thing George Washington Knows For Sure'....well said, Mr. President.)


  1. What an awesome women she is! So blessed to know her, love her and learn from her!

    We love you Memum!


  2. And warning about Anita: Never put her and Gary C in the same meeting.. Or you'll get nothing done! ;)

  3. The baby IS coming, and boy is he cute! Ok, so maybe he's not a "baby" baby, but he is definitely precious.

  4. One thing I know for sure: Anita,who is affectionately known as "MeMom" is my hero, my mentor, my buddy. I want to be just like her when I grow up into grandmotherhood. Her grandchildren adore her and want to spend time with her. Yup!! That's the kind of grandma I want to be FOR CARTER'S SAKE!!.
    Love Mimi Gibson (or whatever my name will be!)

  5. Mimi Gibson, Carter is going to be lucky to have you as his grandma and that's with me not even knowing you! I have loved him for a long time and would have adopted him myself, but Ashley is to be his mommy and God willing one day some other child will be mine.


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