Wednesday, December 07, 2016


A friend told me the other day that she pops in here often to see what's new. I haven't posted since September, and life is full. And new, in so many ways.

Here's what's going on lately. Grab a cup and cozy up.


Macy got her first little haircut two weeks back. We watched some videos of 'big girls' getting haircuts, and explained that soon Macy would get a 'big girl' haircut, too.

Carter went first, to show her how it's done. He was a champ and a trooper, like he usually is. But I think he was extra good, for his baby sister.

Macy was climbing out of Jake's lap and couldn't wait for her turn. She was so excited - and sat in the chair so nice. Such a big little girl.

Bye, wispy baby locks. Bye, long goofy curl in the back.

Hi, big girl.

Thanks, Leslie, for a super fun and easy first haircut!


Carter has been talking about 'Christmas Tree Saturday' for at least two weeks (since Jake put the Christmas lights outside). We woke up on Saturday morning and told Carter that yes, finally, it was Christmas Tree Day.

We found a fun little spot in Wild Rose - the tractor and wagon ride was a fun bonus for Carter :)

The weather was decent, the kids were happy, and the morning was perfect.

As you can see, Carter is beyond happy, actually.

He has no problems tapping into the Christmas Spirit. Dude will be 110% Christmas Cheer from now until January 1.

It was fun for me having two kiddos who could walk with mom and dad, hold hands, and listen to directions. This has never happened before.

What am I supposed to do with my arms? Nobody is hanging on me!

After choosing our tree, which took about 6 minutes because every tree was 'just right', we headed to the little shop for popcorn (for the kiddies) and pepsi (for the parents).

Popcorn on the table. Popcorn on the floor. Popcorn in jacket pockets. Popcorn in mittens. It's okay. It's fine. They're happy.

It really doesn't get much better than this.

{and also, let's enjoy these days when some popcorn makes them this happy. may it always be so.}


Yes, this is new :) I realize I haven't said anything about Baby Boy here.

Sorry, third child. I love you dearly. Really, I do.

Actually, I love you SO much that I'm taking the time to prioritize and take direction, and sometimes that means the blog has to wait. It's good stuff, I promise.

Hi, third trimester!

Baby Boy - coming in March 2017. Due two days before Macy's second birthday.

We talked in late May about adding another babe to the family, and after waiting two years to get pregnant with Macy we knew we might be waiting a while.

Not this time!

Max, Silas, Joel, Sawyer, Jude, Sam...while we're having fun thinking about what to call you, we know you already have a name, and you're known by it.

You're known. You're seen. We can't wait to meet you.


What I really mean is that we sold the fun, sporty, lux Lexus for a minivan (because #threecarseats #holymoly). This was harder for me than I care to admit. It's just a car, right? It's no big deal. I don't care about stuff! Or...wait...

The Lexus was for a short, fun season. But the season that's coming will be good, too. Different. But good.

I told Jake I will drive whatever he picks for me. I didn't even test drive it. "But, maybe we could just stay away from red. If it's red, that's okay! But it wouldn't be my first choice. Just in case you were wondering."

The minivan is red. Dark red. Maybe I'll call it wine. But really, I know it's red.

Hardy har har har.

Giving up control, another area I need to grow in.

But Carter is beyond thrilled that he now can push the button to open and close his door. This is livin' large, for our eight year old boy. I'm embracing that perspective.


There have been many changes in Carter's life - and maybe I'll dig into those in a post after the New Year. Big changes deserve their own post :)

We have had amazing, loving, excellent people come into our life over the past 6 months and all of them have told us the same things.

Popcorn everywhere. Drinking the sisters juice. Sitting down and READING A BOOK. What the what?!
Reading is fun when you aren't being made to do it. 

Carter needs a better way to communicate. Give it to him.
Carter is not benefitting from therapy. Cut it.
Carter's brain works this way. Learn it and embrace it. 
{It's actually not that different from yours or mine}
Carter is an eight year old boy. Eight year old boys need to play. 

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Freedom, in the most unexpected ways.

This is where we are today. Our lives - hands - hearts are full, in every sense of the word. Embracing this full season, and enjoying every little part.

One Thing I Know For Sure: This is the good stuff.


  1. thanks for the update. May God ever be with you and your family as you wait to meet His next blessing for you.

  2. Such a great post, thank you for this update. Glad to hear everyone is doing well!


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