Monday, October 19, 2015

On Six Months.

I know, little girl.  I know you turned seven months over a week ago.

The truth is, I started this post just before you turned 6 months.  I never finished it, so here I am today - one month late.

Such is the life of the second born.


I can't find the words to sum up the past 7 months.  I'll just tell you what we tell everyone.

You are the happiest, easiest baby on the planet.

Even when you're fussy, you're happy.

You really just want to be seen & noticed & validated.  Little exhorter.

Long overdue for food or nap?  All we have to do is look at you and smile.  You will laugh, and it will buy us at least 5 more minutes.

You adore your big brother.  You laugh hysterically when he notices you.  Maybe you understand that he doesn't notice everyone, so when he does it's pretty awesome.  When he comes in to give you a kiss, you grab at whatever you can (ears and hair are all fair game) in hopes of holding him closer for a little bit longer.

You love worship music.  I pray you have all the musicality that your Mama lacks.

You are so close to crawling.  You rock on your hands and knees, and you can army crawl across the room.  When set down by your baby toys, you bypass all of them and head straight for Carter's matchbox cars and 'donna truck' and train whistle.

Your hair has the prettiest red tint, and when I look at it I wonder what you'll think about it when you're 14 - standing in front of the mirror.  Whether it's red or brown, curly or straight, long or short - embrace it.  I pray you embrace it.

I pray you embrace your uniqueness, whatever it is.  You've already shown us that you like to rough house and wrestle with the big boys.  Embrace that.  Want to wear pink sparkle leggings, too?  Awesome.  Rock that, girl.

Your first six seven months of life have been perfect.  Everyone tells us we will pay for this when you're a teen.  I don't think it has to be this way.  Mmmkay?

Love you, baby girl.  We are so thankful for the sunshine you bring to our lives.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Seven months of pure joy!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

This Season

I have 5 half-written posts in my 'draft' folder.  This is our life.

It's full and wonderful and perfect.  

Jake and I write notes to each other in a special journal.  The goal is to take turns, and we usually go a month or two between notes.  I've been meaning to write him a note for at least a month, to tell him how thankful I am to be a stay at home mom.  This is our life.

The two pictures within this post are random pictures taken in the middle of 'life'.  
It's so full.  Overflowing, even.  And sometimes the overflow distracts me from this little blog, and that little journal, and all the little big things.

Taking time today.  Let's kill two birds.


Dear Jake.

Today you got up around 1:30a to put a hooting child back in his bed.  I watched you on the monitor next to my bed.  You held his little hand, placed him in his bed, covered him with his blankets, and patted his back.  You were gentle and kind and everything a child would want in a daddy.

By the time you got back in our own bed, the hooting child was up & at it again.  You took the monitor so I could sleep, and I heard a deep sigh from you.  

It's hard work.

By 5:30a, our little lady is up and I'm up with her - rocking and holding and feeding and shushing.  This is my favorite time of the day.  The world is asleep and my two favorite guys are enjoying their last moments of rest while I soak up quiet time with our daughter.  

Our boy is up by 6, and his therapist arrives at 6:30.  You get up & ready for your day of catering to the needs of others.  

Picture it: Carter is at the 'big table' with a bowl of cereal and juice.  His therapist is there with him, encouraging him to 'take one more bite!' and joining him in his chorus of tweeting birdies (if you know Carter, you will understand this).  Macy is in her little high chair, face full of blueberries and oatmeal - smiling from ear to ear.  And then there's me.  Probably coffee mug in hand (a latte if I took the 5 extra minutes to indulge), messy hair (don't care) and probably an oversized, over-worn sweatshirt.  Slippers, because it's not summer any more.  

You grab a banana and a glass of milk (in a to-go coffee cup).  You kiss your babies and your wife, and you're off.  

This is how you start your day.

I get Carter off to school, and go on with my own day.  

I'm not sure if I've ever told you how much I love my days.  The fact that I get to take care of our home and our kids each day is pretty amazing.  I know that I have complained about things, instead of doing it all in love.  I know that I've sometimes wished things could be different, instead of appreciating the season that we're in.  

So I'm telling you now.  I really love this season.  I am so thankful for this role of stay-at-home-mommy.  

And it's only possible because of what you choose to do each day.  Thank you for caring for us in this way.  Thank you for loving us in this way.  Thank you for making sure that your babies can have their mom stay home with them.  What a gift you've given all of us.

I know full well that not every family can do this.  In my years of working with preschoolers, I had the chance to love many kids whose parents would give anything to stay home with them. That's just not always possible - not always best - not always desired (let's be real - it's not everyone's cup of tea!).  

But, thank God, it's possible for us.   

I am so thankful.  And I think our kids are, too.  

(Also thankful that you listen to my crazy ideas. "What if we made this and attached it here and then did this and it would work like that?!"...and you don't even roll your eyes anymore!)

My point is, you're pretty great.  We're awfully thankful.  And we love you a whole lot.  


Kids - when you read this many years from now, this is the takeaway: in this season of diapers and therapists and early mornings, your daddy gave so much.

Mom might have been the one at home, but it's only because of Dad.

One Thing I Know For Sure: My cup overflows!

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