Friday, July 11, 2014

Hi, Vlad!

It never fails. Everywhere we go, Ukraine follows us.

We had the sweetest, kindest waiter tonight (who even let us switch tables) for dinner. His name was Vlad, and his accent gave him away.

When we told him about our connection to Ukraine, all he could say was 'thank you'. He knew full-well that our Carter boy would have no future in Ukraine. And we told him about his future here.

"He's going to school!"
"He plays baseball!"
"He couldn't talk when we met him. Now he can."
"Oh my!"

His hairs stood on end (I know this, because he told us). His eyes filled with tears.

"Thank you."

No, Vlad, thank YOU. Over our awesome dinner (Apple bacon pork chops at Coopers Corner are amazing) we talked about our sweet boy and were reminded of how far he has come. Our little gift, growing and changing before our eyes.

This photo showed up in our email inbox 5 months before meeting Carter.
My, my. How he has changed. 

Be blessed, Vlad.


I left him our blog, and I hope he visits. Vlad - if you're here, click '2011' over on the left. And then click 'October' to start reading.

And you, dear reader - if you've never read Carter's story and have a few hours to kill, check it out.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Slava Ukraini.

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  1. What a sweet meeting. I think you were all blessed by that encounter.


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