Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Day

Two Thanksgivings in 4 hours.  Here's the recap.

Little dude made sure to get as many kisses (and cookies) as humanly possible.  Days like this, when we're around those who love him most, I am so thankful for the mounds & mounds of love that he receives.  Dude is spoiled.  And he deserves every bit.

Getting some lovin' from Uncle Chris
Carter was a rockstar.  He did awesome - I'd say it's our most successful holiday to date.  No melt downs, no crazy behaviors, no sensory overload.  He was so, so, so good.

I think the ipad probably helped with that ;)

Snuggles from Chloe
 This is Carter saying 'HOORAY!' :)

And this is Carter saying 'Cheese' :)  I'm not sure which one I like better!

We were laughing about this one - Cousin Nick looks like a 5 year old holding a giant baby!
What is it about this angle?! So very funny!  
On to Thanksgiving #2 - this is what we do.  Lounge.  Laugh.  Eat.  Watch the Packers.  Check out the Black Friday ads.  It's pretty great.

NaNa thought to bring some of Carter's faves from her house.  Smart!

Again, the ipad.  It's amazing, I tell ya!

I think Carter and Josie wear the same size shirt.
Josie is in 8th grade.
Snow!  Ugh.  Carter loves it.  We don't.  'Snow! Santa! Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!' every.single.time he looks out the window.


As our day draws to a close, I've gotta say, we're pretty blessed.  Family all around us, squeezing in tight and pulling in close.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Two posts in one day?! Oh, yes I did.  Read the one from this morning here :)

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  1. He's so big and soo sweet! And you dear are living in the wrong state to not enjoy the snow :-p! Happy Thanksgiving!


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