Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Down syndrome Awareness Walk

This past weekend we attended the Down syndrome Awareness Walk in our community.

It rained.

We didn't care.

Let me just cut to the chase.  These walks make me cry.  It started with our walk ambassador, Dan, a 25 year old man with Down syndrome.  He hardly uttered a syllable and I was already at the point of totally losing it.  I looked around at the other walkers and mommies - I didn't notice anyone else crying.

Just me.

It wasn't the words he was saying.  It wasn't even how he was saying them.

It was where they were coming from.

He's been where we are.  He's fought through the tough stuff that I lay awake and wonder about.  He's worked through it and has come out the other side.

And life on the other side looks pretty good.  Awwweeeeeeesome. {So, I guess you had to be there...}

To hear this man talk about his hopes - his dreams - his aspirations - and what he has already accomplished...well, it made me want to do a hallelujah dance.

Working (without a job coach!) - balancing a check book - telling jokes - living independently.  Some days, life with a little guy can cloud the bigger picture.  I get so caught up in surviving the afternoon that I lose sight of the end goal.

What's the end goal, for us?  For Carter?

Independence.  However that might look in 20 years.

Confidence.  He'll know that whatever the circumstance, he can.

Friendships.  Because everyone needs them.

Community.  To embrace and be embraced by those around him.

Zeal.  For life.  For family.  For his hobbies.  For the Lord.

Listening to Dan reminded me of what I always say.

Carter can.  Carter will.  Give it time, mama.

{I should listen to myself more often.}

I have so much love for every person who showed up to walk with us, and for those who reached out to us and were thinking of us on our special day.

We are blessed - so loved and supported.  And with all these sweet people around us, my heart is so full.  

Thank you - thank you - thank you - how did we get so lucky?!

Some notes.
Carter stole Little Rachel's balloon.  You can tell she has lots of sibs - she's not even upset!
The other part of 'Team Triple Trouble' is in the stroller.
The man taking the photo told us they were blocked, and Jill said "...we know they're there...".
I laugh.
Red shirt = Elijah, Teal shirt = Jonathan
Thanks, Dan, for reminding me of the bigger picture.  Someday, I hope that Carter can walk across that stage and share his story.  And I hope that the crowd will cheer and laugh and listen with great anticipation to every word.  And maybe, just maybe, there will be a mama in the crowd who is new at this, and she'll be gifted a new outlook that day.

And this mama?!  She'll be there, too.  Friends & loved ones teary-eyed and huddled close, hanging on every word.

Carter can.  Carter will.  

One Thing I Know For Sure: Aaaawwwweeeeeeeesssssoooommee ;)

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  1. Hold tight Momma....he will because you believe in him. You love him. You won't give up. You will be by his side his entire life telling him he can do it!


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