Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year, New View

New Year, New Me.
I just re-read my New Year's post from last year.  It was encouraging and completely depressing all at the same time.  Did I do everything in 2012 that I wanted to?  No.  Not by a long shot.  But did I try to be a better wife - mommy - Christ follower - servant - giver....of course.

Isn't that the point?  Perfection is unobtainable - which is exactly why I need Christ.  But making an effort to be better than I was before?  That's something I can do.  And shouldn't I always be changing and growing and allowing myself to be renewed and transformed?  Every single minute?

In this New Year - that's my goal.  My resolution.  To be better - know better - do better.  In all areas.

New Year, New Blog.
It was time.  I have to say, not having photos of Carter all over is a little sad.  But in this New Year - my goal is to blog about more than 'just' Carter.  I know, he's the reason most of you come here.  And there will still be PLENTY to read about Carter.  But I'm making an effort to blog more frequently, which means some new topics.  Something you'd like to see here?  Let me know!

Do you like the new layout?  Click around - there are some new things like the tags to follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and even a link to my own etsy shop.

New Year, New Goal.
Remember how I was trying to raise $1,000 for sweet Dennis on Reece's Rainbow's Angel Tree?  He made his goal - but not because of anything I did.  I failed, miserably.  He happened to get to his goal by lots of random people (and some very sweet friends) donating to his account - the ThirtyOne party and Etsy sales were a very small portion of that $1,000.

{side note: someone please remind me next  October that I should NOT sign up to be an Angel Tree Warrior - what was I thinking?!}  

But regardless - I'm thankful that this little guy has another $1,000 in his grant - which could mean that he's $1,000 closer to a family finding him.

Oh, I pray his mama finds him soon.

My new goal for Dennis is to find him a family.  I will share his face until someone steps up...because this sweet boy is so very worth it.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Here's to fresh starts & clean slates...!

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