Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good Stuff.

I never thought I would be one of those moms that went from blogging about 'something' to blogging about 'nothing'.  Well, it has happened.  I have arrived, and I'm officially a 'nothing' blogger.  

I'm okay with it.  Because lately, I just don't have time.  

Let me rephrase that.  I just don't make time.  There is a difference.  It's not that I don't want to sit here and let my heart explode onto my keyboard, because I do.  I just choose to do other things.  And sometimes, choosing to do other things is a mistake.  I need this place.  It's my creative outlet.  If I neglect my need to be here, do you know what happens?!  I crave creativity, which inevitably leads to dreaming about things like this....

and this....


and this....
and on, and on, and on.  Better just to blog, huh?


Here's what I've been filling my time with.

You're right, I am pretty lucky.  We've got quite the commotion going on in our little neighborhood...

It's the kind of commotion that every little boy loves.  And Carter cannot get enough.  He would sit on his changing table all day to watch the 'big trucks' if I let him.

The other day, we actually sat on the porch for over an hour with popsicles in hand.  As we went in, I realized that it might have been weird for the construction workers to have an audience.  I hope they didn't hear me singing 'Elmo's Song'.

And Carter...well, he continues to blow us away.  He's learning new signs, and has even mixed some words in with all those hand signals.  His favorites are 'hub-bye' (bye-bye), 'doh-doh-dohhhh' (go-go-go! As in 'let's go somewhere!'), and 'blyaddgahdaja!!' (said while signing 'banana') whenever he sees a banana.  Everything else is pretty much 'dah'.


"See the fish?!" Carter signs 'fish' and says 'dahhh!'.

"Carter, look at the birdie!"  Carter signs 'bird' and says 'dahh-dohh!'.

"Where's Moses?"  Carter signs 'Moses' and says 'dah-dahh-daaahhh!'.

We'll get there.  And I'm in no hurry.  I fear once the words come, they may never stop.

Lord, help us all.

So I spend my days with my favorite little kid.  And he teaches me about life, and love, and tantrums.

Okay, I've possibly taught him about tantrums.  But whatever.

Life is good.  So rich.  So very full.  My cup runneth over, for sure.


Fun Fact.  One year ago today, I published a post called 'Whys Answered'.  I had so much fun reading my answers to all of those commonly asked adoption questions.  Maybe I'll do another 'Whys Answered' post in the near future, about our lives now.

I also stumbled upon this post.  Hardy-har-har-har.  Here are my 'flowers' today.

They don't even look like they came from the same yard.  I guess that's the effect that a busy little boy has on a garden.  I do have 4 planters this year, and I'm working hard to keep them alive.  Jake said if I kill these, he'll never let me buy flowers again.

And I believe him.



I'll leave you with this.  Jake & I (and much of our church family) have been doing a 7 week study on inner healing & wholeness.  I had a revelation about choosing my words wisely, when Pastor Kathi reminded me of this:

"The power of our words is NOT in the words themselves, but that we're standing in agreement with one side or the other.  We have a choice in what part of the spirit world we will agree with. The POWER is in the agreement!" {paraphrase}

Choosing my agreements carefully, for sure.

One Thing I Know For Sure:  So rich.  So blessed.  God is so very good.


  1. I used to have beautiful flowers too...right now I'm just trying to keep alive the ones I bought that are still in the little plastic containers in the cardboard trays...sigh. :-)

  2. Love this blog. I must say your 4 flower planters look tremendous! I am proud of you honey! We are lucky to have our little boy!


  3. I too can not keep anything alive so this year I finally gave up and didn't buy any plants. Well guess what I get from my MIL for mother's day....yep a plant. So much pressure. I can NOT let this one die, although it came close last week. I found it dropped in a bush. Can't wait till Caleb understands English and I can get answers to where all my missing things are instead of having to search :)


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