Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We're back.  After 5 days away, we're home .  The laundry is almost finished and we're back into our normal groove.  So good to get away, but good to come home, too.  Being away reminds me why I love home.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder...??  Or something.

We had FUN.  I wish I could think of a more fun word than 'fun'.  Carter loved every minute.  Except the fish.  Wasn't too crazy about the fish.  Until one of them smacked him in the face (nope, not kidding).  Then he loosened up a bit and did okay :)

They grew on him, and soon all he wanted to do was spend his time in the boat watching the fish in the live well.  Or maybe he was just keeping tabs on them.  Who knows.

He did some driving, and even adjusted the motor a bit.

Can you spot the Bald Eagle?

Someone tell me WHY I did not bring my good lens.  I left it at home.  Not the 'cabin home'.  No.  At HOME, home.  Dangit.

We attended a wedding while we were there - Carter did okay :)  The loud music freaked him out, and we left almost immediately after dinner.  I know, eat & run...

But before we left, he was his happy self...

We had a few more days of relaxing by the fire and playing in the sand.  Carter is definitely an outside kind of guy.

He pretty much just sat in this chair.  No fussing.  No whining.  Nothing.  Just sat.  Oh, and ate Blue Moon ice cream.  But really, he is so content when we're outside.

So good to be home...!


Now that we're home, I'm catching up on emails and such.  I got a blog comment from someone anonymously while we were gone.  It was a sweet lady who asked me to remove one of my blog posts.  Apparently, this particular post was getting some negative attention from a group of losers trolls who stalk and harass adoption bloggers.  I can't respond to this comment, because it was left anonymously.  But I will just say, that I'm sorry - but I won't delete my post.  If the trolls aren't talking about THAT post, they'll be talking about a different one.  If they're not talking about ME, they'll be talking about someone else.

On that note, I read the blog in question.  It's pretty hilarious.  These trolls referred to me as 'Good Ole Ash'.  I like it.  They barfed out tons of lies - the same old junk that they always fall back on.  But in my particular post, they talked about our financial situation.  They noted that instead of spending our income, we should be 'paying back' the people that donated to our adoption.  Do I need to look up the definition of 'donation'?  They also talked about how hypocritical I was, because I was advocating for a family, but wasn't giving to them myself.  Not sure how they know the details of my personal financial situation.  But here's what really gets me - they said that instead of donating our adoption tax credit to another adoptive family, I spent it on other things.

Wait a second...what the...?!?!  Funny - we haven't even gotten our credit.  And probably won't until August or later.  But this person seems to know something I don't know, apparently.  Because according to them - I've spent it all!  Ha!  Now that's funny.

Here's the bottom line...deleting a post will not solve anything.  In fact, they'd probably love for us to start deleting posts that they're talking about.  I realize that they linked to my blog, and that I'll get even MORE nasty comments than I already do.  And that's okay.  Because their comments are ridiculous and mostly false...and I've become very good at clicking 'delete'.  I also realize that these trolls might read a post of mine, and look for links to other blogs - and then THOSE bloggers might get nasty hits.  I'd say, 'welcome to the club'!  I realize it's not fun to read all those hateful, ignorant words - but it's part of the process, I guess.  If you're going to blog about adoption, you will very likely get trolled.  And if they don't find you from my blog, they will find you from someone else's.

It's just the name of the game.


So.  Here we are.  Week in full swing (it's already Tuesday, people!).  Laundry folded.  Dinner planned.  A little boy screaming in the hallway because he can't get the lid off his sippy cup.  And life is good.

Come back tomorrow - I've got an exciting post planned.  Because tomorrow is somebody's birthday.....

One Thing I Know For Sure: No place like HOME!


  1. seriously Carter is just the cutest...how do you get ANY work done around your house with him just a doll!

    Stinkin' trolls...ive been getting hit and finallly started moderating my comments....they are coming more and more frequent and just think Im not even adopting. I wont lie some of the things they say make me sick to my stomach, you just don't say that about kids, ya' know?

    Looking forward to some birthday picts;)

  2. Ashley - I LOVE reading your blog! I loved following the progress of Carter's adoption, and I love watching him grow and experience life in a loving family! Don't let those trolls dictate what you share or how you feel about, well, anything! We were recently hit by those nasty trolls, and their comments are certainly disheartening. Their ignorance about social issues and the plight of orphans around the world is unfortunate. I'm not sure what makes them think they have the right to judge those they don't know. Like I said, their ignorance is unfortunate.
    …on a happier note, I am also looking forward to seeing some birthday pics! I hope Carter has a fantastic birthday!

  3. What is the matter with people?!?! I don't understand it. Happy birthday to Carter!!!

  4. Ashley,

    You dont know me - but I read your blog regularly. Thats because I used to look at "antonio" on RR all the time and pray for his family to come and save him. He melted my heart. If I hadnt been pregnant at the time I am sure I would have not been able to resist the urge to adopt him myself! My most favorite thing you have ever posted was the video of Carter looking at himself in the mirror. His little tongue! It killed me. Thank you for being brave and rescuing this little boy. He is so loved in your home, and I love seeing him with a mama. For every negative comment you receive - I hope there are 50 ones of praise. Nobody would have ever known the life you have given this child and the blessing to the world that he is - without your adoption. Thank you for making a difference and spreading awareness for those who cannot save themselves.


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