Monday, April 09, 2012


I took a break.  You maybe didn't notice.  But I took a break from blogs for a few days.  Didn't write them.  Didn't read them.  Just deleted that pastime from my life for a few days.

And it was good.  Because I don't ever want to lose track of reality.  My own reality.  I don't ever want to be so glued to this, that I miss out on life.  

I enjoyed life this weekend.  Spending time with family.  Big family and little family.  Because really, in the end, what else is there?  This blog will pass away some day.  It will.  And will I ever really look back on my life and say "oh, if only I had blogged more....".  Unlikely.

I do blog for my family, in a sense.  These words and pictures will make a scrapbook of our lives, printed in hardcover book.  I picture them lining the bookshelves of our home - and I watch as grandbabies pull them off the shelves and page through them, asking questions like "is this my mommy?"  and "grandma - is that YOU?!".  Yes, honey - that's me.  Didn't I look fabulous? "oh grammy, you still look pretty dang fabulous!".  

Okay, vision over.  It might not play out quite like that.  But really, didn't you grow up thinking your grandma was the most beautiful woman you'd ever seen?  I did.  Something about a grandma's smile.

Moving on.

Easter is over.   Carter's goodies from the grandmas are all put away.  Life is back to normal.  

But there is a part of me that wants to cling to Easter.  I'm glad to have the pastel eggs out of my house (because pastel anything is not my favorite)...but I don't want the spirit of Christ's death and resurrection to leave with them.  

That's what Jesus did.  Aren't you so thankful?  Rejoicing, today?  

Me, too.

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One Thing I Know For Sure: Serving the Living God - nothing like it.  

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  1. LOVE THIS POST! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful post! Thanks for popping by and introducing yourself- it is SO AWESOME to "meet" you! Carter is 100% precious- but I know you already know that!

  3. Beautiful. That is the best reality ever- what Jesus did.

    (I hate pastel everything, too.)

    Linked up with you! :) thanks for making it so easy to do! (is there a way to change my thumbnail... I should have cropped it so the logo showed. ;)

    I just got a makeover as a part of someone else's fund raiser. Please exclude me from yours drawing so someone else gets a chance! Your blog is lovely and i know you'd do great work, but I've already got someone working on mine. :) I love reading your thoughts. Great ideas about saving them forever. Maybe I'll do the same!


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