Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day

Today is a fun day in our house.  In lots of houses, I suppose.

Today is a day that we celebrate our little boy.  No, it's not his birthday.  Not a special anniversary.  Nope.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.  Today is 3/21 - this day was chosen to symbolize the third copy of chromosome 21 in Trisomy 21, the most common form of Down syndrome.  

And our guy - well, he's got that somethin' extra.  More is better, right?!

The other night we gathered with a lot of families who are blessed to have kids with an extra chromosome.

Yep, I said blessed.

We met some really nice people.  People who get it.  People who have been there.  It was nice to just be.  Well - I should say 'just chase'.  Because that's pretty much what we did.  Carter enjoyed his freedom, that's for sure.

We had a minor meltdown about halfway through the night - because when you're used to doing nothing in an orphanage, and hanging out with mommy all day at home - well, this was a bit much.  We forget that he's only been home four months.

Also didn't help that a little boy took his car away.  We learned that aside from Down syndrome, Carter also has Only Child Syndrome.

We'll have to work on that.


There are so many myths about Down syndrome - do you know that people with Down syndrome can work, attend school, drive cars (seriously, Carter does this up & down the sidewalk every day...!), go to prom, and contribute to society in countless ways?

Don't limit my guy.  Don't tell me what he can't do - won't do - shouldn't do.

He can.  He will.  Amen & Hallelujah.


A common myth - people with Down syndrome are always happy.  We busted this myth last night, multiple times.

The proof is in the puddin'.....

Myth: Busted.


Okay, back on the happy train.

This is the first year that World Down Syndrome Day is officially recognized by the United Nations.  It's a global celebration, people.  

Because this is something worth celebrating.  People with Down syndrome should be valued.  Accepted.  Included.  

Definitely worth celebrating.

Kids with Down syndrome are often fully included in social & educational settings, and usually go on to graduate high school.  They can even attend postsecondary education programs.

Don't tell me he can't.  He can.  He will.

Celebrating it - believing it, today.

This is Jonathan, (20 months)....pushing Carter (almost 4).
This makes me laugh.  
The bottom line?  Celebrate Down syndrome today.  It's worth getting excited about.

Carter is worth it.  His pals are worth it.  These kids are worth it, too.  Don't forget about them, today.

And don't - please, don't tell me he can't.  He can.  He will.

He will.  

One Thing I Know For Sure: Thanking God for the beautiful gift of Down syndrome, today & every day.


  1. Love the pictures and we wish we could have made it there. It looks like so much fun but I don't think people would have been thrilled with Caleb spreading the love of

  2. Pictures are priceless!!!!! You are such an adorable family!! Happy world DS day my beloved children. I could not imagine our lives without Carter!! So very blessed that you and Jake said yes to God's promptings. God is so radically good.

  3. Happy World Down Syndrome Day to someone I would not know had it not been for Down syndrome! I think about that a lot.... I have met some pretty incredible people (some of my best friends, actually) because of Down syndrome. It thrills me to see how Carter is growing and thriving all because of you and Jake. I cannot WAIT to see what he does with his life! I definitely won't tell you he can't... because HE CAN AND HE WILL!!!! Rylee too!!! HUGS!!

  4. Great post Ashley and so true!!!! I love the picture of Jonathan pushing Carter too. that is so great:)


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