Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Watch Out, 2012....

We rang in the new year doing what I love best.


Not a darn thing.  It was beautiful.  Nestled in a toasty cottage in St. Germain, Wisconsin, we enjoyed sweet nothingness.  And just when I thought it couldn't get any better...the sky produced a little snow.

Perfect weekend away.

Well...now that I think back, we didn't do nothing.  I mean, we had to do something in those 3 days.....

The boys caught this nice fishy.  I guess it's a Northern Pike...?!  We were all a little giddy - grabbing for cameras and waking up the sleeping Poppy.  In the chaos - I guess I was too lazy to open the screen door to take the photo.  Darnit.

We also ate food.  Yummy food.  And I am now feeling like I gained 50lbs. from all the extra soda I drank.

See that pile of Cheerios?  Well - they're Honey Nut.  And Carter is NOT a fan.  Way too sweet for this guy.
Carter had so much fun sledding.  It didn't matter that his tube kept deflating, or that we were pulling him using pieces of sweatpant material that Mimi cut off of Daddy's and Uncle Ben's sweatpants as she was shortening them.

It didn't even matter that he fell off a few times....

...and got a little face wash, in the process.

Nope - this guy loved the snow.

We may or may not have tied Carter's sled to Moses' collar.  Carter may or may not have absolutely loved it.  

We have a little joke with Carter.  We tell him we're sorry that he got stuck with a family from Wisconsin....and that we know a family from California or Florida would be much more exciting.

But this weekend, Carter showed us that he just might love Wisconsin.

And while we were enjoying our time inside - Carter was busy scheming about how he could get back out.

So - 2012 started off with a bang.  I hope yours did, too!  And now, I can say that I'm walking into this new year feeling refreshed and ready for whatever is coming.  Watch out, 2012.  I'm ready.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Anxiously awaiting what this year might hold....

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