Friday, December 30, 2011

Jake's Gift :)

If you remember, I mentioned in this post that I stink at buying gifts.  Remember...?!  The 'Back Buddy'...?!  Yep.  Stink at it.  

But this year, I did okay.  With some help from Carter, of course.  Because really - who can resist a practically-naked little boy in overalls?!

The gift of photography.  My favorite :)

This is mid-way through one of his famous 'sassy sniffs'

Carter & I took these photos on our dining room table.  Seems ridiculous, I know.  Our garage is finished off - and that's where I usually have our studio set up.  But there is no heater right now.  And no heat + Wisconsin + December = Freezing.

Which means that during nap one day - a day that I knew Jake wasn't stopping home for lunch - I moved the studio inside.  Not an easy task.  A backdrop stand, the heavy roll of white paper, 2 light stands and soft boxes, all the props, my tripod...all while trying to keep one eye on the driveway, looking for Jake's car.

It also required some extra sneakiness on my part.  Like saving the files in a folder named 'Scrapping Ideas' - because surely Jake wouldn't look in a folder that had something to do with scrapbooking.  

I 'do' photography - and I like it.  Sometimes.  The problem with photography, is that you will never get it perfect.  There is no such thing as the perfect photo.  Ever.  

And that drives me crazy.  I critique each photo I take.

These are great, because they subject is the cutest boy on the planet.  Okay, well - maybe one of the cutest boys on the planet.  But if these were for a client, I'd be wanting to fix this, or photoshop that, or change this.  And once that client leaves - I'm left with whatever is on my camera.  There is really no going back. So while I'm editing - it doesn't matter how much I say 'UGH - I should have taken this photo from that angle!' - well, too sad.  There is no going back.

So for now, I'll enjoy snapping photos of this boy.  And we'll leave it at that.  Because I have 3 years to make up for - 3 years of life, and this boy only has a few photos.  That means there will be lots of photos in his future.  Lots.

And I think he's okay with that.

Oh - and how did Jake like the gift?  Well...he was a sloppy mess of tears.

Home run, for sure.

Way to go, Carter B :)

One Thing I Know For Sure: Nothing cuter than a boy in overalls.


  1. Adorable! What a precious boy you have!

  2. Simply beautiful! A home run for sure!!! :-)

  3. Yup!! Right out of the ballpark on this one Mama!! How could you go wrong with such a beautiful, beautiful (again I say) beautiful subject? Just want to kiss his chubby cheeks!
    Love, Meemom

  4. I love all of them. They are all PERFECT! I am not a photographer, just some crazy woman behind the expensive camera but I can relate a little because I scrapbook and am never happy with the layout. And now with digital scrapbooking I can spend hours on one page. So I just have to strive for great and give up on perfection. Because most the time, just like with your pictures, someone else thinks they are just PERFECT.

    And can I say once again, I love, love, LOVE seeing that little boy home with you.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  5. Absolutely precious! Great pictures of an adorable boy!

  6. Oh my goodness! These are the best gift ever and so very adorable. I love them. :)

    Is the first photo one of his "I don't like corn" sniffs? I laughed so hard when I watched that video.

    ~Michelle (who has been emailing you re: #5)

  7. So beautiful/handsome. He is truly a gorgeous child. What a sad thing for his birth parents/family to have missed out on such a gift, but what an amazing blessing for you, his Momma and Daddy. He is so full of personality it seems. Happy New Year!

  8. Can you say LOVE! Gorgeous boy.


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