Friday, November 04, 2011

A Letter to Moses

Dear Moses,

We are missing you SO much! You are the best puppy we could have ever asked for (you do know you're a dog, right?!).  Even when you do naughty things, like sneak a piece of pizza off the counter, or eat kleenex out of the garbage, or curl up on the couch when nobody is looking...we still think you're the sweetest furry friend to ever step foot on this planet.

What you don't know, is that your life is about to change in ways you'd never imagine...

No more being kenneled up for hours each day...

No more looking at us with lonely eyes, because your life is so boring...

No way!  You're going to be one busy guy.  Licking food off a 3 year olds face...playing out in the yard...stealing someone else's stuffed animal off the changing table (oh already do that...!).

He's a chicken.  Because he loves to chase grandpa's chickens around the yard.
He thinks it's a great disguise. is going to be sa-weet!

Just a few more days, buddy.  Just a few more days until you have your very own boy.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Moses will make a great big brother...


  1. seriously.......I am crying.....seriously!! What a sweet sweet note to your beloved furry guy!IT'S 4:32 am as I read this.....Mosie slept with grandma last night (SHHHH don't tell grandpa...he's up north) and decided at 3am to begin our day. NOW he is sacked out on the floor next to the computer with his head resting on a his rope toy with is saturated with his saliva. He really is an amazing pupper dog. A faithful friend, full of craziness..full of life !!! Taking care of him these past several weeks has been a joy..Auntie Rosie still isn't crazy abut him...but at least isn't hiding in the closet 24/7. She lays on the bed in the spare bedroom. Moses lays his head on the baby gate in the doorway and stares her down. After a while Rosie hisses at him, and Mosie politely walks away. Such a gentlemen!! Now if only we could work on his smelly toots!!!

  2. Hi mamas and daddas

    Fanks for the wetter...I never gots a wetter before......I doing good. I knowd I was a dog but I's not your typical dog..I's much better. To think I started out my life being called such silly names. Member mama's when I used to be so irritating? Boy I sure growd up good...cuz I gots me a great dadda's and mamma's. I not too happy the whole world has seen me in my chicken outfit. I very embarrassed now. I've been thinkin about you a lot and wondering when you are coming home. I miss our snuggle snuggle time. Grandma can't seem to do it right.
    Have you been telling Carter about me ?....cuz I knows all about him. EVERYONE here talks about him. I can't wait to smother my little brovee with kisses. See you soon..mamas and daddas. Don't worry bout me. I do good..really really good...cuz you be home soon! I wuv you!!

  3. My goodness....Auntie Marn is teary, too! There's nothing sadder than big brown spaniel eyes. Add pictures and your words and I'm mush. Cousin Calvin can't wait to meet Carter, too! Tom's doing a Carter Countdown!!

  4. All I can say (SOB...waaaa)is every dog should have a BOY of his own..:)!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness....I love this post. And your pictures are incredible. Especially the one with him jumping to get the bubbles. Fantastic!!!!


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