Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy Saturday :)

Before our  visit today, we stopped at the Billa market to get some chocolate and cookies for the nannies, and some bananas for the children.  We were glad to see two of the nannies working whom we like very much.  I'd hate to 'waste' our 'gifts' on the mean nanny!!  Okay - I'm partly joking, here.  Only partly, though :)

Carter was watching Saturday morning cartoons :) I didn't see what he was watching - maybe it was the Russian cartoon called 'Antoshka' - like his name!  Look it up on YouTube - it's pretty cute :)  He was all ready to go, and looked happy to see us.  We went to the couch and started our visit.

He loves - loves - LOVES to zip this sweatshirt up.
As soon as I unzip it, even if he's not looking - he immediately zips it back up.
I'm pretty sure he's thinking 'mom! my nannies say you gotta keep this zipped!'

He thought it was pretty crazy that his mama was on the other side of the window :)
After about 45 minutes or so, the director came up and offered to unlock the playroom for us.  Well woohoo!  Finally something different!  He really is such a good, kind man.  Carter seems to like him, too. So when we got to the playroom, we asked the director if we could take a photo of him and Carter so that Carter would remember him.  He was excited about this, and pulled Carter right up into his lap.  He was talking on and on to Carter - saying 'mama - papa - Antoshka - da!'.  He was also making the signs for 'mama', 'papa', 'please', and 'thank you'.  This surprised me a bit.

Carter is practicing how he's going to ride Moses :)
Like his saggy tights?!  It's the first thing we've ever seen him in that's too big, rather than too small :)

Note for our families for Christmas...Carter likes any toys that make noise!

Really - it was a great visit.  Our guy was giggly and a little ball of energy.

Tonight we'll go to Hillsong again, and then stop at Ashan afterwards.  Jake had a moment of genius earlier this week.  See - we bought a LOT of stuff this trip.  Stuff for Carter, stuff for our home, chocolate...and we've been wondering how we're going to get it all home!  Well, Jake realized that because we're bringing Carter home with us, that means we get to check a 4th bag at the airport!  So we'll check and see if Ashan has any inexpensive (but still somewhat decent) suitcases for all of our souvenirs and chocolate :)  Brilliant, right?!

Also - somebody asked me what Milka Chocolate is :)  Well - I don't care for chocolate.  And don't tell me I'm 'lucky' that I don't like chocolate...because instead of a small piece of chocolate, I crave a bag of potato chips!  It's really, really not any better :)  So since I don't care for chocolate, I've asked Jake and Rachel to describe Milka for you all:

Jake says: Milka is very creeeeamy,'s creeeeeamy.  In all seriousness - I like the soft, creeeeeamy texture.

Rachel says: It's chocolate.  And it's good chocolate.  Creeeeamy chocolate.  The other brand we bought is like licking the wall.

And there you have it.  Straight from the experts.  You can buy it at Walmart in the US - but it is just not the same as here - or so they say :)

Thanks for following our journey...have a great day, friend!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Excited to go to Hillsong again tonight :)


  1. Omg! Micah played with that ball and laughed and laughed and laughed :) I love that director! Sherry White taught him those signs :)

  2. Great description of the Milka. Spot on Jake and Rach! :-)


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