Monday, October 17, 2011

What Am I Supposed To Be Doing...?!

Since getting home - I've made a list.

No - I've made lists.  Plural.  To-Do lists.  To-Clean lists.  To-Buy lists.  To-Organize lists.

Ask me what I've done so far :)


Well - a little laundry.  A little organizing.  A little buying.  But I don't think I've crossed anything off of my list.  I just feel so...unmotivated.  Lazy, even?  Maybe.  I know, I've got at least one full week to get these things done before we travel again.  But I thought I'd get home, and hit the ground running.  I'm just not feeling it, though.

And that's okay.  Because soon, I won't be able to lounge around until 10:00am.  So for now, I'll take full advantage.


I've been working on a new blog design, with new photos of our new boy.  Because really - in our minds, the boy in those pictures is not the same boy that we left at the orphanage.  A tiny bit of love goes a long, long way.  But...I'm sure I'll want to do a new blog design after we get home from our last we'll see.

I guess - what's wrong with 2 new blog designs?!  Why not.  It's my blog...I can do what I want ;)

So, today I put away a few of our souvenirs - like this salt & pepper set :)  I knew that I wanted one before we left, but I never thought I'd find one this cute!  I'm sure if I searched Amazon, I'd find the same one - it's probably made in China...but I don't care!  I think it's so cute...and I'll know that it didn't come from Amazon :)

I've also been catching up on some of these.  Really - I love magazines.  Especially ones that spark new organization ideas :)

Yes - that candle light in the background is technically a Christmas decoration.  Don't judge.  I like it.  

I've also been folding and hanging some of the clothes that Jake & I bought over the weekend.  We scored some crazy good deals at a local consignment shop for kids....I will definitely be going back there! I couldn't believe their prices, and everything was brand-spankin' new!!  For example, we got Columbia snow pants for $5.99, a new winter coat for $7.99, and an adorable Oshkosh B'Gosh down vest for $4.99!  And they all looked like they had never, ever been worn.  Unreal!!

We also had gift certificates for the outlet mall in our area, and we spent almost all of them at The Children's Place!  We're pretty sure that 24 mos/2T will work for Carter, so that's what we've been getting.  He may wear 18 mos his first few weeks home, but it won't be long before he'll grow into the 2T.   I'd rather have everything a tiny bit big, than too small.

Also - today I enjoyed going to McDonalds (because we have no groceries in this shopping will be later...) - and I didn't have to use sign language when I ordered!  I said 'sausage biscuit' and they understood!  :)   I may or may not have said 'spa-see-bah' instead of 'thank-you'.

And although it is good to be in the comforts of home, Jake and I have both been saying that it will be so, so good to go back.  No court date yet - maybe tomorrow :(

Soon & very soon :)

One Thing I Know For Sure: Crazy to think that in a few weeks, these clothes will be on our boy...not on our couch :)


  1. I love little boys in overalls!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope you hear, SOON!!

    I LOVE the salt & pepper dolls!!! Will you get me a set!? I'll pay you back :) If you get a chance.

    We'll have to chat someday -- I'd love to hear your impressions of the orphanage! :)

  3. omg, those are SO CUTE! If you pick up an extra pair or 12, I'd buy one and pay you via paypal!!!

  4. I am SO stinking jealous of the deal you got on those Columbia snowpants! I just paid $20 for a pair on ebay and then another $40 for a coat/pant set on ebay. (Two little boys.) Love the new header. . . Congrats on a speedy court date!

  5. blog hoppin and found you. We had to spend 8 weeks in country when we adopted our daughter. Dont apologize for "jet lag" yes, you have things to do, if people ask what you need. Tell them. A housecleaning lady? A few meals? For some reason those around us didnt think of these things. I think when you adopt a 4.5 year old- this is your 4th child? I slept Sooooo much when we got home, had post adoption depression, you name it. Go into this knowing the possibilities and be easy on yourself. God will continue to bless you with what you need- he did it and continues to do it for our little one! I still stand amazed at being a part of something SO BIG and beautiful. Congrats on the court date!!!

  6. Woo Hoo - Glad to be following along!! What a cutie you have!! Oh.My.Goodness!!


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