Monday, October 10, 2011

A New Room!

Today's visit started out a little awkward...this is our first actual visit on a weekday.  So for every other visit, the halls have been quiet - it feels like we're the only ones here.  Today - all the doors were open - women were darting from office to office, shoes clicking and papers flying.  It was obvious that we were a nuisance to them - and they highly disapproved of us being on the floor with him :)  Get over it.

Shortly after we sat down, a doctor (well...I don't know if she was a doctor, but she was wearing a stethoscope...) asked if she could take him for 5 minutes.  We assumed she wanted to listen to his chest?  I have no idea.  But he came back and seemed okay.

Then after about 5 or 10 minutes, one particularly grumpy office worker came out of her office and started rambling on and on.  Okay - we realize you don't want us here - but this orphanage is HUGE.  And every door is locked on the weekend, so we don't know where the play rooms are.

We tell her "yah nyeh pahneemayoo pahrooskee" (we don't understand Russian...) - and what does she do?  Just keeps going on and on, in Russian.  That's something we've noticed here.  They think if they talk louder or slower, we'll understand.  Ha.

So we pick up our stuff, and just motion that we'll follow her.  Finally, she takes us down to a play room. Aha...THIS is where we'll go each day.  If it's not locked.

It's a beautiful playroom - obviously for visiting families.  I know Carter has never been in there - because the moment we walked in, his eyes were looking everywhere.  There are TONS of stuffed animals.  They all look like they've never been touched.

We played on the floor for a while - Carter loves to put his shoes on his hands while he crawls around.  And he loves to be followed :)

Love this face!!

About halfway through our visit, he started to get sleepy.  I'm sure he was a little overstimulated from exploring the new room.  But it was also getting closer to nap - so we took advantage of the extra snuggle time :)

This photo gives a better idea of his size in comparison to Jake's hand.  He's not 'huge' but he's healthy.  We are still guessing 18 month clothing for his first few weeks/months home - and then 2T shortly after that.  

Here he is sucking on his's actually very, very cute ;)

This visit, Carter started crying when we were packing up our backpack.  He knew what that meant.  Back to the groupa.  He fussed the whole walk back, and when we passed him over to the nanny and walked down the hallway, we could hear him going on and on.  He definitely understands the routine.

As we dropped him off, we saw one of the nannies working on flash cards with a little girl.  I think I know who this girl is, from RR - but I can't be sure.

Yesterday, I saw another little lady from RR.  I'm absolutely positive it was her.  I don't know if I can share who it is on this blog, so I won't.  But she is beautiful - she looks so bright and bubbly.  I will be advocating for her when we get home...!!  She needs a mama!

Carter was coughing a lot this visit - but coughing is necessary to get all that gunk out!  So I guess it was a good thing.  We just want him to be better!!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Praising GOD it didn't rain today!!


  1. Ha! I was wondering when you were going to get busted for having him on the floor. LOL Such a big no-no over there. So glad they found a room for you to play in. He's absolutely adorable! :-)

    Hey I meant to tell you yesterday about the cracker thing. It could just be that he is not accustomed to taking food from you. It may or may not be a feeding "issue".

    Yay for no rain!!! Love his hands too. Just way too cute. :-)

  2. It makes me cry when I here he already knows the routine and doesn't want you to leave him. That must be the hardest thing of all, but put true blessings in your hearts that there's a strong connection there already. I have so fallen in love with him already! I love you guys so much! God, thank you for being so faithful to them and watching over and guiding them - MOM

  3. Thanks for so faithfully blogging. The pictures and videos are so sweet! What a family!!! We miss you and can't wait for you to be home! Especially when its time to bring Carter with you.

  4. Oh my gosh....he is just precious precious precious....and his little sweet. Hope he feels better really soon....xo


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