Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love This Guy!

Today we set our alarm clock for 7:00a...and when we heard it go off, we all decided we should just go back to bed :)  So we slept until around 11:00a, and then decided to unpack our bags.  We never got to unpack on our last trip, because we were always needing to be ready to move apartments!  So it was really nice to settle in.

We headed to our afternoon visit and just took a leisurely walk there.

Thanks for the pic, Rach!

When we got there, Carter was just coming out of the nap room and he seemed happy to see us.  They asked us to wait in the hallway for him  and as we walked out, we heard him fuss a bit.

Today's visit was filled with lots of giggles and a few snuggles.  We're realizing that all the snuggles that we got during our last trip were probably because he was feeling sick.  The 'real' Carter seems to be much more outgoing and active.  We're glad we had the chance to bond with him through snuggling on the last trip...because we don't know how much we'll get on this trip!  So - when he does want to snuggle, we are sure to take full advantage.

Jake had fun playing this new game with Carter today....and Carter sure liked it too!  We all enjoyed watching him laugh and giggle!  What a little lover.

This boy sure loves his papa!  
Love this face.  And he loved this squishy thing.  It lit up, too - and he just couldn't get enough!

Doesn't get much better than this!

What is cuter than a boy with bubbles?!  Sure love this guy!


Tonight we had spaghetti with some beef pasta things :)  It was good - and we were HUNGRY!  Tomorrow we'll try to go to both visits - hopefully we'll be ditching this jet lag soon :)  And we're also going to try to ask the nannies to unlock the playroom tomorrow so we don't have to sit on the couch!

Also - I told my grannie that I would leave Rachel's blog for all of you.  She's blogging this journey, too - and it's been fun to hear her perspective on each day!  Go check it out!

One Thing I Know For Sure: I sure missed those giggles :)


  1. Oh Ashley - these pictures and these videos are just so AWESOME!!!! I can't believe how different he looks to me today!!! He obviously knows how LOVED he is now and that he is part of this very beautiful family forever!!! I am so in love your little boy and your whole family!!!! My Goodness!!! And every picture of Jake with Carter reminds me how he wants to teach him how to fish and that makes me cry the happiest of tears!!!!!

  2. What are we all going to do when you get home and there is not a daily blog anymore??? I look forward to looking at this every night, can't wait for the kids to go to bed. I even tried to check this out on my phone during day but it did not work.


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