Saturday, October 29, 2011

Learning - Growing - Thriving

We visited Carter in the playroom today!  The director saw us when we came in, and he handed us the key to unlock it.  So I went up to get Carter while Jake and Rachel waited in the playroom.

We had a really fun visit, once again.  Lots of laughs - not just Carter's, either!

We 'explored' a few things with Carter today.  We want to see how he reacts to certain situations in his environment.  There is a little sink in the playroom, and we've been wondering how he'll do during bath time at the apartment.  Jake took him over to the sink, and turned the water on slowly.  Well....I don't think bath time will be a problem!  He loved the water, and kept crawling back to the sink throughout the visit.  That's a good sign :)  We decided that once he's ready for a bath at the apartment, we'll just let him play in the water - and then slowly transition the playtime into an actual bath.

We also wanted to see him 'play'.  Yes - we technically play with him at each visit - but we wanted to see if he would sit at the little table with a few toys, and play with those toys.  Well...once again, he blew us away.  He sat at the little table for over 15 minutes...totally focused on his toys.  He tried very hard to mimic what his daddy was doing...whether it was stacking, spinning, matching - he tried it all....this kid is amazing :)

Carter gave us a few surprises during our visit.  He was getting very brave with his walking today.  He started out by walking a few steps, with me following very closely behind him.

Later on, he crawled over to the little table (with Rachel's shoe!) and got in the chair himself.  Since he was being so independent, we just had a hunch that he might try to walk on his own.  So glad I had the camera on!  This boy got up off his chair, and took several unassisted steps across the room.  He just blows us away.

Amazing to watch a little boy gain confidence & independence, isn't it?


After our visit, we decided to take Rachel to McDonalds :)  We sat outside (yes, it's cold out, but the natives don't care - so we don't, either!) and enjoyed our home-like meal!  And we laughed.  Boy oh boy did we laugh.  I don't even remember why.  But I do remember that this morning when I read my sweet Grannie's daily email, she said "find something to laugh about today" and we did.  Thanks Grannie.  I appreciate those daily emails more than you'll know!

Later tonight we'll go to Hillsong Church!  A taxi will pick us up at 5:15p - which, unfortunately, means no afternoon visit.  But we are so excited about experiencing church in a different culture.


Do you realize that you are watching a little boy flourish right before your eyes?  Just a few weeks of love, and look how far he has come.

From this....

To this....

Every child deserves a chance.  Every.single.child.  For this boy, it has made all the difference in the world.  

Has adoption ever crossed your mind?  Ever?  There may be a child that needs you.  Yes, you.  Don't start listing off reasons why adoption is not right for you.  If you've thought about it, then it probably is right for you.  And please, please don't turn away from adoption because of financial reasons.  There are grants and fundraisers that can & will help with that.  If you remember correctly, we raised over $20,000. It is possible.

Could you look this boy in the face, and tell him that he can't have a warm home and a loving family, because of money?  Or because it doesn't fit your lifestyle right now?  Or because you want to have biological kids first?  Or because adoption is too much work?

Please...if the Lord has ever, ever whispered 'adoption' to you...don't ignore it.  You'd be walking away from a beautiful, incredible, unimaginable gift.

And Carter agrees.  Because this 'family' stuff is pretty great :)

 If you have ever thought about adoption (special needs or otherwise!)...have questions...concerns...doubts...please - email me.  Right now - I'd love to chat!  Gibsons15 (at) sbcglobal . net :)  Don't miss out on this gift....

One Thing I Know For Sure: So glad we acted.  So glad we took the leap.  Never, ever looking back...


  1. Wonderful post!!!! I love watching this amazing transformation from just existing to life....fullness of life!! Crazy love at work my sweet family. Have I told you lately how very proud I am of you!!!

  2. He is beautiful Ashley and Jake! Love him!!!!

  3. I just love you guys!!!! Carter is one amazingly lucky little boy! So awesome that he is walking. That's true testament of what love can really do. The playing in the water was so cute and I love the picture of his little feet crossed. Chloe sits like that all the time! I see an arranged marriage:)

  4. We would love to adopt, but we aren't at that season of our lives yet... patience is difficult! In the meantime though I am hosting a giveaway on my blog for a sweet girl listed on Reece's Rainbow who desperately needs a family. I pray that her family finds her soon!

    Blessings on the rest of your trip!

  5. He is AMAZING!!!! You guys are AMAZING too! :-)

    It blows me away home much he has blossomed with just 2 visits today! He is doing GREAT! Can't wait to meet him!

  6. So exciting when God has you do something for Him that is such a wonderful and exciting blessing for you!!!

  7. I have been following your journey, then we got a new computer and I lost my links. I'm so glad to have found you now and you are almost home!! I just love the video of him walking. The one where he is sitting in the chair and gets up. I want to point out what a smart little cookie he is (I know you already know this :)...but see where he gets up and moves the chair so he can walk? That is HUGE!! It shows he has the motor planning to know he has to move the chair to walk, and he doesn't try to just walk and stumble on the chair, or go around it. I'm a mom to a 6 yr old boy with we tend to pick up on these little things. He is just precious and he's going to be running around your house by the time you get home!!

  8. I love Carter to pieces! Can that kid get any cuter?? Again, amazed at his progress. You guys are fantastic parents... and Ashley, you are a phenomenal writer! You have such a captivating way with words, I'm pulled in every time. :)


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