Monday, October 24, 2011

A Gift.

It's morning in Eastern Europe, and last night was a bit rough.  We were all tired at 7:30p - so we went to bed, hoping to sleep until morning.  Well - I guess technically we did sleep until morning...ha.  We were all up at 2:30a.  We watched a movie, and went back to bed around 5:00a until about 9:00a.

Around 1:30a, while Jake & Rachel were still asleep - I was awake.  I was laying in bed, and just couldn't  sleep.  Normal for jet lag, I guess.  I grabbed my iPod (which has been so helpful on nights that I can't sleep!) and listened to some worship.  I started praying for our court hearing, praying for our boy, praying for our trip...and I just started to feel so overwhelmed for this amazing gift that is about to be paced in our arms.  How are we so blessed?  Why did God choose us for this amazing journey?  I feel so privileged that He did choose us.  Blessed that He spoke to us.  Honored that He called us.

We feel so unworthy of this amazing gift.  Really - how did we get so lucky?

What a blessing it is to ride this amazing, beautiful ride.


We will have court today in just a few hours.  2:00p our time, 6:00a home time.  Please pray for a smooth hearing and process.  We're not feeling nervous right now...but I have a feeling it will hit us when we walk into the court room.

We're also moving today.  At least, that's what they say :)  If we move before court, then we'll be able to make our afternoon visit and see Carter after court.  But...if we don't move until after court, then we'll have to wait until tomorrow to visit.  Oh, I hope we can see this guy today!


Our friend & helper, Rachel, is doing super!  We keep asking her if she's homesick (she is only 15, after all!) and she keeps laughing and saying 'NO!' :)  She's a trooper!  We're so thankful that she's with us - even just for the extra camaraderie.


I'll update after court...pray, friends!!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Really, what a ride this is.  Thanking GOD!


  1. Only God is the giver of such a perfect gift!!!!!
    Can you imagine how Mary felt when the angel proclaimed she was carrying the savior! She probably had the same questions as you do! You were blessed and chosen because God knew the hearts of his highly favored and beloved son and daughter!!! Have I told you lately how very proud I am of you!!! I love you
    Mama G...soon to be Mimi too!

  2. Praying, praying!! Gosh, I am just so excited for you!!!!

  3. So happy for you guys! Praying that you will be able to see Carter today and that everything goes well in court.


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