Saturday, October 22, 2011

Eastern Europe Bound :)

As this blog is posting, we are in the air...probably somewhere near Greenland.  I'm probably counting the minutes until this flight is over  - Jake is probably sleeping - and I'm sure Rachel is crocheting (that is, if she was able to sneak her crochet hooks on to the plane!).  

And Carter...well - I'm sure he's sleeping.  But I wonder if he knows what awaits him.  I wonder if he knows that in a few days time, he's going to have a mommy and a daddy.  I wonder if he understands that he's going to come home and be loved and hugged and spoiled.

I'm sure he's clueless.

Soon, we'll be visiting him at the orphanage again - riding the metro - and walking...a lot.  I can't wait to get back to that place - to that boy.

As long as we're talking ( long as I'm typing...!) I just have to say...thank you.  If you're reading along, thank you.  If you've left encouraging comments, thank you.  If you've prayed for our family, thank you.  I can't say it enough.  The amount of love that we've felt on this journey has been so incredible.  We are forever grateful for every single one of you!  We may never meet you - but we love you!

With that being said - we know that this trip might get long.  We are praying for a November 12th 'home' date...our facilitator said it is possible.  But - we could be here even a week after that.  We are blessed to be bringing along our 'helper' - Rachel.  We know that we'll all have an incredible trip...and we're so grateful that she's given up a month of her life to come with us!

What's my point in all of this?!

Keep praying.  Please.  Pray for no homesickness - pray for Carter - pray for court - pray for a speedy process.  Now is not the time to stop praying.  In fact, we need those prayers now more than ever before.

We'll be there soon, bud!

Thank you - thank you - thank you!  I can't say it enough.


On another note - would you please say another prayer - this one for a sweet friend.  Today, she buried her daddy.  It was a shock - and they are hurting tonight, no doubt.  Life is a mystery - and as much as I love words, I have none that can fix this.  Nothing I say or write can make this better.  I wish I was home, so I could spend some time loving on this dear friend.  But I'm not.

So for now, prayers will have to do.  No - prayers will be even better :)

Love you, girl.  Praying you through this valley.

One Thing I Know For Sure: My next post will (should...) be from Eastern Europe!!


  1. From the moment I saw Carter on RR I fell in love with him. I am so happy you found each other and he has such amazing people to be his parents.
    Praying for a safe flight, praying for your whole family, for Carter, for your friend, and for your helper.
    I can hardly wait to see the homecoming pictures!!

  2. GO GET 'EM! Still praying for you.

  3. I can't stop thinking about you guys... honestly, I think about YOUR Carter every. single. day. I can't wait for Gotcha Day and the other million "firsts" he's going to have in the upcoming months. My heart is flying with you guys. Hugs!

  4. I am so sorry for your friend's loss, and I'm sending her and you all lots of prayers. I'm sorry to hear the bad news, but excited that you're back on your way! Can't wait to hear more about sweet little Carter and read about how everything is going!

  5. I've been terrible about commenting, but wanted to come out of lurkdom to say I am reading!!


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