Thursday, August 11, 2011


Now that I can breath after all that Golden Ticket excitement, I have more to say!  I never said I was a woman of few words :)

What a thrill.  God showed up - as he has throughout our entire process.  Every step of the way, we've seen his hand of provision, protection, and promise.  This process has grown our faith in ways we never, ever expected.  We trust, we believe, we ask, we receive, we we never have before.

For me - the trust is what has changed the most.  Not that I didn't trust him before, but he's been so good in showing me how trustworthy he really is.  And to be honest, I've never really had to trust in him like this before.  It's an interesting place to be in - this place where 'if God doesn't show up, then this is over'.  It's a place I've never been before.  And it's a place where really, really incredible lessons are learned.

What if God hadn't worked this out?  What if we were going to go on vacation on Saturday without this paperwork completed?

I have that post written already.  I wrote it yesterday, because we were pretty sure it wasn't going to happen.

And we were okay with that.

Because we prayed.  We asked.  We trusted.  And we were certain that God knew what was best for us.

Does he ever.

Yes - we're giddy with excitement.  That's to be expected, right?  But win or lose, yes or no, up or down, in or out....we trust him.


I did a photo shoot this week, amidst all the craziness.  A beautiful of her life!

The whole world in front of her - her whole life ahead of her.

I couldn't help but think of my own senior year, and how much potential I probably had.  I also wondered what my reaction would have been if someone had told my 18-year-old-self what my life would be like in 8 years.

Ha.  I'm sure I would have told them that they're absolutely nuts.

I would have told them "In 8 years, I'm going to be living in New York City - or Los Angeles - or anywhere but here!  And I'm going to be filthy rich, and drive a BMW.  And I'll have a huge house with a pool and a hot tub and a espresso bar and a million bedrooms and a cleaning lady...."


It was a fun shoot, because she was bubbly, positive, and sweet.  Not many high school seniors like that these days.


I got the sweetest phone call after my 'golden ticket' post.  It was my grannie.  She was crying.  :)

She said "I'm sorry I'm crying...I'm just so happy...!".

It totally melted my heart.

Remember when I said that we have the best, most supportive family?!  That's what I'm talking about.

Love it.


Our vacation.  I guess I haven't really talked a whole lot about it, because of all the excitement.

We'll leave on Saturday, and come home whenever we feel like it.

Well - actually, we have to be out on the following Saturday.  So I guess that's when we'll come home :)

I cannot wait to just get out of here!  Swimming with Moses (or in my Moses swim...I'm not a huge fan of lake swimming...long story...).  Late night camp fires.  Fishing off the dock.  Or the boat :)  Making pudgie pies (pb&j are my fav!).  Coffee in the morning.  A book by the lake.  Lots of laughter with people we love.

Cannot wait.  


So - tomorrow at 1:00p I'll drive down to Madison with a friend, and pick up all those documents.  And then -we'll be ready to ship 'em out!

Hasn't quite hit me yet.

Oh my gosh.  

One Thing I Know For Sure: Madison, here we come!!  :)

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