Monday, August 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Our little house has come a long way since we moved in 5+ years ago....

When we first bought it, it was a lot of things...clean, 'sturdy' (as the men said...), cute, and pink.  Very, very pink.  Everything was pink.

A little old lady had lived here alone, for a very long time.

Hence the pink.

We weren't a fan.

So we worked our booties off making this house a home.

Just when we thought we were done - we I thought of another project.

What have we done?!
New flooring throughout the whole house (twice in some rooms!)
New kitchen cabinets & appliances
Paint/wall coverings in every room
Remodeled both bathrooms completely
Added 'home office area' in kitchen/dining room
New front & back doors
New windows
Finished off the garage
Finished off the breezeway
New light fixtures throughout
Countless outdoor odd-jobs
...all of that, in 5 years!

And 80% of this was done by Jake & his brother.

I made my man work like crazy.  If I can speak for both of us (and I will speak for both of us...) now that the work is behind us, we're so pleased with this little house of ours.

There are still a few more projects to go...but most will wait until next summer, after we've gotten used to little feet, early bedtimes, and new routines.  I would list the projects here, but I haven't talked to Jake about all of them yet :)  I don't want him to have a fit while he reads this at work....!

All of this to say - thanks, Jake.  For doing all of this for me.  Because I know you'd live in a shack.  Thanks for going above & beyond for your lady.  I DO appreciate all of it.

Look how far this place has come!  Love you :)

One Thing I Know For Sure: We're never going to want to leave this place.  If only it were in a different town.....

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