Saturday, August 20, 2011

Home Again

Our vacation is over - we pulled in the driveway before lunchtime, and if you looked around our house right now, you might not even know we were just on a week long vacation in the sticks.  Laundry is almost done, everything is unpacked, and we are back to our Saturday routine.

We couldn't have asked for a better week.  August in the north woods of Wisconsin - it almost always delivers.  The weather was perfect, the puppies behaved themselves, and the camaraderie was extraordinary.

Last year, I was almost obsessive about catching that perfect shot of the bald eagles as they dove toward the water for their morning snack.  It consumed me.  Not this year.  No way.  Instead of running for the camera, I sat back and enjoyed them.  I heard their wings push the air out of the way as they flapped right overhead.  I listened to their young scream at them, begging for food...and watched on as the mother insisted that it was time for them to learn how to do their own fishing.

I missed out on all of that last year.

I won't bore you with an hour long slideshow of our vacation - but here are some of the highlights :)

Jake doing some solo fishing.
Not incredibly successful - but when you're up north, it really doesn't matter.

These dogs are serious about their pontoon boating.

We did some nighttime muskie fishing...also not hugely successful.
But - it was so ridiculously peaceful on the lake at night.

No - this is not a muskrat carrying away Moses' toy.
It's cousin Calvin, showing up Moses in a game of fetch.
It's not Moses' fault - he had some paw problems all week.
Lots of limping, licking, and lounging for him.
Praying it won't require a vet visit....

Goodbye, lake house.  Goodbye, nighttime fires.  Goodbye, Bible reading on the eerily quiet morning lake.  Goodbye, pb&j pudgie pies.  Goodbye, bald eagles.  Goodbye, loons.  

Goodbye, vacation.


Now that I'm done wallowing in self pity because it's back to reality - there are some exciting things to share.

First - we received news that our Dossier was delivered & signed for in Carter's country!  That means that right now, it's being translated, and will be submitted soon.  After it's submitted, we can expect to travel in about 4-5 weeks.  

That's very, very soon.

Oh my.  


We also got a surprise email while on vacation.  It was from a friend who was at Carter's orphanage earlier in the summer.  She was going back through her photos and found one of Carter, that never got sent to us.

Isn't he the cutest?  I guess we'll need to buy him some sunglasses :)

Notice the blue & red towel that he's sitting on?  It's the same one in his Reece's Rainbow photo.  

The girl he's sitting with is 'Lucy', also listed on Reece's Rainbow.    

Is Lucy's momma out there?  I know she is.  This girl needs her momma.  Look at how sweet she is!  I would love to see this girl in a few short weeks, and whisper to her that her momma is coming for her.  

Where are you, Lucy's momma??  


Speaking of photos, there has been a very disturbing one circling the Reece's Rainbow community this week.  Thank GOD - this girl has a momma coming for her very soon.  But there are more like her - JUST like her, wasting away.  

This girl is 11 years old.

She weighs 10 pounds.  

Lord, have mercy.  

My heart rejoices that this 11 year old, 10 pound girl has a forever family.  I'm praying they make it to her on time.  

How on earth has she held on for this long?   Most of us would have given up years ago.

As my heart rejoices, it also aches.  I know that there are so many more just like her, but they are locked away - behind closed doors, hidden from the world.  They might never be reached.  Ever.  

Pray, church.  Pray that God would move.  He always does.  


With that, I'm off to tackle my Saturday.  And make a list.  A travel list.

I can't believe we're close enough for a travel list....!!!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Vacations are great...but so is sleeping in your own bed :)


  1. Hey, I don't want you to panic -- but this week, a family got their date. And they were just submitted LAST WEEK.


    Be prepared for ANYTHING.

  2. and? I love Lucy. I'd go for Lucy & Nadine in a heartbeat if I could :)

  3. Oh my!!!! Just read Michelle's comment. SOOOO exciting!!! I just felt that "adoption stress" kick in for you. LOL But in the internat'l adoption world, "Be prepared for ANYTHING" is a GREAT motto, esp once you get in country!

    Anyway, what I was going to say is that I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time on vacation. We thought of you often (with no jealousy of course :-)). What a beautiful family picture too. Can't wait to see Carter in it next year, and maybe in a year or two, a cute young lady, maybe wearing pink, sitting in front of Ben. :-) Boy, I hope he doesn't read this!

    So, do you have your "we were submitted" post ready for Thursday yet? Oh, I'm almost shaking with excitement for you. This is REAL!!! LOL


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