Thursday, June 30, 2011

Royal Daughters

I had planned on posting something totally different...but that's for another day.

Because today,  these girls are weighing heavy on my heart.


I don't know why these three.


It doesn't matter.


Can you see these faces in an institution?

Absolutely not.

My heart breaks.  I can't stand it.

When I first started following Reece's Rainbow blogs, I didn't understand how people could be so grieved about a child they never met.

Now I get it.  

I've prayed for these girls.  I've cried over them.  They're a part of me in some small way.

One of them has already been transferred.

I just don't understand it.  Who is this girls mommy?

Who is supposed to be taking care of her?  And why is she not here?  This girl needs her mama.  Unfortunately, it can't be me.  Believe me, I've asked.  It's not me.  I want it to be me, some days.

I've always wanted to put this quote in a little girls room.  It would be so perfect on a wall, surrounded by pink tutu's and baby dolls.  Right now it's on my desktop at home....


....lest I ever forget that these girls are princesses.  No - queens.  Royal daughters of the Most High God. Lest I ever, EVER forget that they have a story to be written.  A 'once upon a time' of a lifetime, just waiting in the wings.

Oh these mommies.  And call the daddies.  Call them up & out into the beautiful reality that is special needs adoption.  Lord...move - work - speak - and chase down these girls' mommas.  No room for Satan to speak lies - only room for you, Lord.

Because every little girl needs her mommy to kiss her, and her daddy to be wrapped around her finger.

Oh how I'd love to see these girls hug their mommies.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice?   No, no, no.  These girls are made of courage, strength, and determination....where is their mommy?


  1. I completely feel the same way. Carlene especially has been heavy on my heart for a long time. We are ineligible to adopt in Russia, and I am still working on my husband as far as adopting elsewhere. Way too many lovely, strong little girls are missing out on the life the truly deserve. I feel sad with you tonight.

  2. I was so upset to see Carlene back on the list after a family had committed to her! I was told that their were a few families that were inquiring about her. I check daily to see if she has been moved to "a family found me" She has so much in her account... Someone should be able to get her soon..

  3. Thank you Ashley so much for this post! I saw it while I was changing my blog to Lilly! :) These three are indeed Royal, and they deserve families soo bad! I hope it's ok I made this post into a page at the top of my blog.. :)
    Handiwork for Lilly!!

  4. Thank you so much for making that beautiful picture and quote of those three princesses. This is one mommy who would love to love anyone of those sweet girls but the daddy person is not quite ready :(


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