Friday, June 17, 2011

28 Days...

In 28 days...Carter's country will be temporarily closed for adoptions...

We knew this was probably going to happen - and we know that it will make adoptions in his country better in the future.

But what a stinkin' bummer.

Our i600a just got delivered to immigration a few days ago....and it's generally two and a half months before receiving approval from them.

Hopefully, Carter's country will be open 'approximately' 3 months from when it closes. 

Hopefully, that means that they'll re-open by mid-October.
Hopefully, we'll be able to submit our dossier to his country shortly thereafter. 
Hopefully that means we'll be traveling by November. 

What a stinkin' bummer. 

It is what it is.  No amount of whining can change anything.

And it's okay.  We knew going into this that there would be hiccups - and we've been so very blessed that there have hardly been ANY for us.  We know God will work out the details.

Carter has no (known) health issues.  But do you know something?  There are kids that are in dire need of medical attention, and will now have to wait even longer for their family.  There are kids that should already be in an institution because of their age, that could very well get transferred while they wait out the extra 'approximately' 3 months. 

Now that's a bummer. 

So - the wait stinks.  Totally stinks.  But it's okay.  Let's just pray for those other families, and that their kids can hold on a bit longer.....

One Thing I Know For Sure:  I hate waiting. 



  2. Sure does stink....thank goodness I love cold weather! We are treading water too right now, just waiting it out. Praying for families fighting tooth and nail to get there now and praying for ALL the children waiting. Great post!! And, I LOVE Carter (Antonio) he is GORGEOUS!!


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