Friday, January 07, 2011

"I want them to rub off on me..."

Our church family is so blessed to have many...MANY talented, Godly 'kids' (okay, they're not kids...but they're younger than me...).  I'm not sure why we have so many.  Some churches can't get anyone under 30 to walk in their doors.  But we are overflowing with kids...amazing kids.  I've worked with kids for over 7 years (crazy, I know...) - so I have had experiences with so many families.  I have never met kids like these.  Do you remember what you were doing when you were in middle school?  High school?  Maybe you'd like to forget.  I know I wasn't spending much time helping others...and especially being an only child...everything was all about me.  Gross.  I still struggle from time to time with this (does anybody else - or am I alone here?).  I forget that there are other people in this big world. I forget that it's not about ME.  I forget that it's not about making my life as comfortable as possible. It's really not!
I want you all to meet some really cool ladies.  You're not gonna believe these girls.  They're amazing...they get it.  I want you to check out their about them.  Catch their passion.  It really is contagious (clearly...I caught it.) 

Rachel's Blog

Sarah's Blog

**These are just 2 of the incredibly talented...God-seeking...faithful...beautiful...AMAZING (have I used that word yet?!) 'kids' that I'm blessed to know!**     

The other day, Jake & I were talking about whatever old marrieds talk about :)  These girls came up in our discussion, as they're both in Jake's youth group.  As we marveled at how cool God is, that he would bring these girls together for one purpose...Jake said "You know...I just want to be around them.  I want them to rub off on me."  Have you ever spent time with someone, and felt like a better person afterward?  That is the feeling after being with these girls.  Now, I'm sure their parents (and siblings!) would tell you that they're not perfect....I'm sure they're growing just as any other 'kid'...spritually, emotionally, etc.  But once you read their blogs, I think you'll agree that these girls have something else.  A fire.  A passion.  A clear understanding that it's not abot them.  No excuses about their age or their abilities.  Amazing stuff going on. 

One Thing I Know For Sure: My comfort is not...will never be...God's priority.  I best just get used to it.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Ashley. You are right, I personally want to forget all of middle school and most of high school too. I'm very proud of these two!

    I'd best get used to it comfort is not God's priority either. :-) Blessed to know you!


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