Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our Nine Year Old Boy

Carter is nine years old (that's one birthday away from ten). 

Boats, airplanes, and garbage trucks won out this year (and last year, and the year before that, and the year before that...anyone looking for some well loved trucks? I've got a stash.)

Carter asked for trucks this year, and lemon meringue pie. We kept double checking with him as the party approached.

"Carter, are you sure you want yellow pie?"
"Carter, do you want yellow lemon pie, or chocolate cake?"
"Lella piiieee!!!!"

Yes, he ate it. Yes, he liked it. Yes, he knew what he was asking for.

Sometimes this boy has us scratching our heads. Year Eight had us doing tons of head scratching, and readjusting, and trying this, and deleting that, and, and, and...

Year Nine, we welcome you.

We've learned to adjust and go with the flow. We've learned how to see a rough patch coming, and prepare for it. But that doesn't mean it's easy or fun.

{Macy has learned things too - like how to sit back and relax while brother picks his favorites off her plate. I try to tell myself that this is good for her, long-term. Because, justice.}

So we try to stay ten steps ahead, without running ahead too far. We try to keep the family balanced and happy. We try to buy the nine year old baby dolls so that Macy's dolls can stay out of the pool.

We try and try and try.

And then we realize that the trying is too much, and we sit back and let life happen.

Everyone relaxes a bit. The floors get dirty. The laundry piles up. The grass gets long(ish). 

Then wine is enjoyed on the patio - family and friends run through the backyard with squirt guns in hand - last minute play dates at the pool have us splashing until bedtime.


So, to our Big Boy on his 9th year of life. This could be your best year yet. Or maybe it will be your worst. I'm just being real.

Whatever the year ahead brings - we're doing it together. Step by step, feeling you out, learning you more each day, asking God for help to understand you best. You're a complex little boy, and we'll spend every day learning how to love you.

First photo as a family of five - and I can't think of a better big brother for Macy and Silas. You're teaching us how to be better parents, and for that, Macy and Silas owe you.

As Macyn would say - "Carter B! Buddy! Brudder Bear! I wuz you!". Here's to year nine. Let's tackle it together (trucks in hand).

One Thing I Know For Sure: We owe you!
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