Thursday, September 01, 2016

Bye, Summer.

This morning, I peeked in on a little 8 year old and rousted him from his sleep. Eyes barely cracked open, arms stretching big - and then: "SCHOOL!". 

Yes, Carter. Today is school. The first day of second grade.

Our morning was practically from a fairytale.

Breakfast as a family  - pancakes and bacon, of course. Everyone was happy and cheer-filled as we got ready. There were so many hugs and kisses, I lost count.

It was a perfect morning.

Just kidding. Our morning sucked.

To make a long story short - my car battery died, and Carter was sent to school covered in green glitter powder.

Don't ask.

It was actually the perfect way to end this summer season.

Guys, summer was rough. I'm just being real. I cried to Jake last night that maybe I wasted our summer. I think I spent most of the summer wishing it was over. Fail.

Jake reminded me of all the things that Carter accomplished this summer. His list was long, and it was filled with things I had not thought of. It wasn't a waste, at all. It was full and stretched us all in ways we hadn't anticipated.

Summer didn't look like I thought it would. I've learned some things, and this hard season has helped me to develop a plan for next summer.

But until then, we'll enjoy second grade.

After we took our first-day-pictures: "Driveway Dancin?"

Yes, Carter. Let's dance.

Our first day of second grade was a little different than I had expected. But Carter handled all the changes beautifully. I pulled up to school in someone else's car - with a boy happily covered in green powder glitter (think eyeshadow, in powder form) - to an aide who thankfully thought it was pretty cute.

We got out of the car, and as I brushed the green powder off, it only rubbed into his skin more. Poor kid was making his first impression in second grade, looking like the incredible hulk.

But he was happy. So as I hopped back into someone else's car, I thanked God for a happy boy.

That's really all that matters.

Back home now, and this little sister has called her 'bruddow' at least 12 times on her play phone. I wonder if he's thinking of us as much as we're thinking of him.

Bye, summer. You were kind of a jerk, but you taught me important lessons.

Hi, second grade. I think I like you already. Be nice to us, though. Mmkay?

One Thing I Know For Sure: Change is good.
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