Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Day.

Some day, I will long to go back to these lazy summer days with two needy, smooshy babes. So I'm documenting it. Embracing it. 

Thankful for:

...a boy who knows he can. He says it every time he climbs up into his bed.  

Yes, dear one. You can. You will. 

...a little sister who loves her brother deeply. Sitting in his big boy bed is a thrill and a half. Made even better if he's actually in it :)

...garbage day. Sometimes, it's the little things. For Carter, garbage day is a big thing.

...our patio. AKA 'the summer family room'. We spend 98% of our time out here each summer, and as August nears I always wonder how we will survive the next 7 months without this 'room'.

...kids who can keep themselves occupied, in stretches that are lengthening daily.

...this view - my favorite. Siblings chillin' with their ma.  I love sibling love.

...the depth of this boys soul when I look into his eyes, like this picture below.

Just kidding. He's looking at his ice cream cone.

...a daughter with the biggest, sweetest, fiercest, sunniest personality of anyone I know. People frequently tell us she is 'pure joy'. We agree.

...the spare time that I've had to keep these alive. I'm actually doing it!

....the post-nap sillies. Carter likes to help me 'wake up sissy'.

Actually, he runs through the door and screams "HIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!".

It seems like a pretty horrible way to be woken up. But she likes it.

...this boy and his blossoming personality. We've made a few changes and they have made all the difference for this boy - less anxious and closed off. More friendly and curious.

The smiles are real, folks.

...afternoon snacks and swims and snuggles. So many snuggles (from Carter, not Macy).

...a little girl who wears her mama's swimsuit (only 30 years old). Having a son is great. Having a daughter is transforming.

...summer. I'm thankful for summer. When the days drag on and September seems like it will never come, I think about the future me. The one who has grown kids with summer jobs and college plans.

I think about her and wonder if she's thinking about me. I bet she is.

Instead of wishing I was HER, I'm going to embrace ME.

Choosing to embrace my smooshy babes now, while I can. This is the good stuff.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Thankful for summer!
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