Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gibson Getaway 2015

Another Gibson Getaway is in the books.  

Year Six in St. Germain.

Like last year, the weather was not ideal.  We did lots of this.

Every year, we've had a beach area for Carter.  This year, we tried a new house without a beach.  Carter didn't mind one bit - he spent most of his time playing trucks by the 'hot fire' :)

His beloved whistle {annoying and loud, but so good for building his oral motor skills}.

Whistle on, dude.

Little eyes that disappear when he smiles.  It's been so long since we've seen these smiles.  Glad to have them back.  I pray they're here to stay.

While Carter spent his time whistling, Macy spent her time showing off HER skills - like eating.  Macy has been eating veggies for about 2 weeks now, and she tried avocados while on vacation.  It was a hit, and soon she'll be eating chips & guac with the rest of her mexican-loving family!

Please, Macyn Joy...don't ever lose your joyful spunk.

There were a few days that allowed us opportunities to squeeze out the last drops of summer.


I may have a fleece on, but we're still on a boat.  And it's not raining.  So it counts.

And when all else fails, we put on our matchy-matchy vacation shirts and head to Cathy's for ice cream.  Because you don't need nice weather to eat ice cream.

Uncle Ben, learning the fine art of juggling kids.  Welcome to my life.

And then there's this.  The sibling relationship, explained in one photo.

"I'm touching him!!!!!!!"
"She's touching me......."

That about sums it up.  Gibson Getaway 2015.  

This year was so different from years past.  A different house, a second kid, dreary weather.  But there was something else.  

I think it was us.  We are different.

We've had one of the most stretching years of our lives.  We've seen more growth in the last nine months than we had in our first 8 years of marriage.  

Yes, it's been that good.

If you told last years Gibson family that in just a few months their world would be turned upside down in the best and hardest way possible, they would have laughed at you.  

This years Gibson family can look back, see the hard stuff, and press on with joy and excitement for what's to come.  

It's been hard.  But so, so good.  

And I'm reminded for the umpteenth time that there is nobody else I'd rather have by my side than Jake.  We are a great team.  We always have been, we just didn't really know it.

The primer & the paint.  

One Thing I Know For Sure: 353 Days until the next Gibson Getaway!

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