Tuesday, April 08, 2014


I've got ten minutes before Carter gets off the suburban.

We'll see how much I can fit in.

+The house is great.  So great.  We love it here, and look forward to a long and happy life in this sweet little house.

+As much as we love this house, Carter loves it more.  It's his home, for sure.

+Carter rides the suburban to school now! He's such a big boy, and I partly want to sob.  We see the suburban pull up (filled with all his little friends) and he says "DOONNNAAA!".  That's the driver.  He's smitten.

+It feels like it finally might be turning into spring, which is great news for people who have yards and driveways.  We have neither.  So we venture down our smooshy gravel driveway and head for the road.  And we walk.  And walk.  And walk.  And then pray that Carter is ready to go back inside.

+When will we have a driveway or yard? Not for a very, very long time, thanks to extra wet conditions.  Boo.

+Carter eats more fruit than I can keep up with.  Before school at noon-ish, he eats: a banana, an apple, pineapple or watermelon, grapes, and strawberries.  At a minimum.  Which means Mama eats more fruit, too.  Win-win!

+We're all healthy again.  Since we've moved in, at least one of us has been sick.  But now we're healthy, and what a difference that makes.

+Essential oils.  I never thought they'd be for me.  More to come on this, maybe.  But for now, I'm learning so much and having fun trying different concoctions with my two favorite guys.

+Girls night was last night.  Lots of laughter, and well-wishes for a mama who will be welcoming her littlest into this world in just a few days.  Good, good stuff.

+I'm getting bored with my at-home coffee routine (not to be confused with my 'cafe' coffee routine!). Anyone else? I don't look forward to it, and it doesn't even taste good to me anymore.  Any k-cups that I buy are too strong or too weak.  I even bought a box of tea last week.  Tea!  I didn't like that, either.  I'm sure you're going to be at the edge of your seats, wondering what I end up doing - so I'll be sure to keep you all posted.  :)

Currently, this is my coffee substitute.

The coffee isn't great, but the view is perfection!
+I went to a Down syndrome conference this weekend.  Which is fun in itself, but the best part?  I sat with 3 members of Carter's team.  Three!  I realize we have an extra special group of professionals at school.  We are sort of incredibly lucky.  And in a few weeks, we'll all sit together for Carter's IEP meeting.  For kindergarten.  Kindergarten!

+Carter has been completely rocking the big-boy bed.  If you remember, he's been in a twin bed since we moved into Jake's parents house back in August...but he was at the foot of our bed.  So he didn't dare leave his bed during the night!  We had a couple 2AM "I want to play with toys now" episodes during our first week here - but not one since!  He stays in bed until morning, and gets up to play then (usually around 7AM).  Big boy!

DONNNNAAAA will be here any second - which means I'm done.  Much love to you all.

One Thing I Know For Sure: This life is so good.  So full.  So messy and perfect.
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