Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Carter!


This is what I heard at 6:30 this morning.  Jake brought a sleepy-eyed little boy into our bed, and he knew it was a big day.

"IIIIIIII fiiiiiivvveeee"

Yes, buddy.  Today, you are five.

I made the mistake of reading Carter's birthday post from last year.  And today, my first thoughts of the morning went right to Ukraine and first mama's and orphanage life and...and...and...

...two whole birthdays as a little American.

Carter really is your typical little All-American Boy.  Only, he's Ukrainian.

Carter loves things that Ukrainians shouldn't love.  Like playing on the ground.  And in the dirt.  And ice cubes.  All BIG no-no's in Ukraine.

Shh.  Don't tell the nannies.


Carter, you're the best.  And even though I tell you 100 times a day, I'm telling you again.

You're the best.  Even when you're dumping your yogurt on the table.  Even when you're pulling the garbage can through the kitchen.  Even when you dump your bath water on the floor.  Even when you do your crazy laugh in the car during the whole 20 minute ride to school.

Even when you say the names of all your friends, our whole family, and a list of random words - but you won't say 'Mama'.

Even then, you're the best.

*By the way, while we're talking about it - why won't you say 'Mama'? 
Can you work on this, please?*

You have been home a little over 18 months, and it feels like you've been here forever & ever.  Thanks for filling our lives with joy & laughter.  Thanks for giving endless hugs & kisses.  Thanks for showing us that you're capable of so much more than we ever thought.

Thanks for being you, pal.  And thanks for loving us back.

Tonight, when we tuck you in bed and say 'Goodnight, big five year old!' you'll say 'Fiiiiiiivvvvee', and we'll try to remember what it felt like to tuck in a four year old.

On to bigger and better things.

We love you like CRAZY.  Happy 5th Birthday - C-baby!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Carter - you're the best!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I've Got a Story

I've got a story.  You've got a story.

Want to hear mine?

If you've got an hour to spare, you can listen here.  Click 'Sermon Archives' and then find 'The Father Cares'.  I share my story (Think you know me?  Take a listen, you might be surprised!), and a few things I've learned along the way.

Try to ignore the crazy speaker (ahem. me.) who kept saying 'And...' & 'Sooo...'.  Also, don't laugh at her Wiscaansin drawl.  She's sensitive about it.


And if you make it to around the 35 minute mark, you'll get to hear her humming along with the video playing in the background :)

I crack myself up.

So go, listen along.  And tell me what you think.

Unless it's mean.  Then don't tell me.


And because I can't publish this without a photo:

It's food coloring.  It was gone after a few baths.

But the smile slays me.

Really, how lucky are we.

One Thing I Know For Sure: 'Dang Lady Cramps!'.  Confused?  Go listen. 

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